Children’s Books on Fall

Here's a fantastic selection of children's books about fall, so that little ones can learn all about the season's characteristics.
Children’s Books on Fall

Last update: 29 June, 2020

Fall is coming in a couple of months. That’s why today, we’re bringing you a selection of children’s books on fall that adults and kids can enjoy reading together, along with all the activities and crafts they can do during this season.

Although the four seasons of the year are one of the first things that children learn in classrooms, they’re four basic concepts to establish so that they can later relate them to others.

1. All Around Bustletown: Fall by Rotraut Susanne Berner, one of the amazing books on fall

As we indicated above, the seasons are one of the first concepts that children learn in school. For this reason, this book is recommended for children ages three years and up, as it doesn’t contain any text. The illustrations are the main protagonists of each of the pages. Through them, children can discover characters, places, and details related to fall.

This is a fantastic seek and find book, since several illustrations share a story through the images. In addition to this title, the same author published one for each of the remaining seasons.

2. Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup

Despite the fact that it isn’t a book specifically about fall, it’s a wonderful illustrated album on the four seasons that also includes die-cuts.

Three children throwing leaves.

As the children turn the pages, they’ll discover how, due to the change of seasons, the forests, vegetation, and even the lives of the animals change. And they can see all this from a great tree!

The colors of the illustrations are consistent with the seasons. Also, due to the simplicity of its text, the images stand out. Thus, it’s recommended for children ages three and up.

3. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

This is another book without text for your little ones. However, the fantastic and different illustrations made from real leaves in this book speak for themselves, allowing adults and children to imagine numerous stories.

Knowing the characteristics of fall is the main goal of the book. In addition, it introduces children to a wonderful activity: making leaf people!

4. The Autumn of the Grumpy Tree by Jordi Sierra I Fabra

The story told in this book is a fable that children will understand at the end. The main character is a lonely tree that, as the title indicates, is very grumpy and complains about everything, especially the children who play around it. In addition, it becomes grumpier and sadder when fall arrives and its leaves begin to fall.

However, the children that it complained about during the other seasons of the year help it and cover its branches to make it feel prettier. Will the tree realize that it really matters to others?

5. ¡En otoño, castañas! (In English: Chestnuts in the Fall) by Gemma Armengol

This is a very fun story whose main characters are animals. One of them is a worm that’s very sad, since the chestnut where it lived was roasted, meaning it’s now homeless!

A girl holding a fall leaf.

Helped by the ladybug Antoñita and her cousin, they’ll all begin to look for a new home for the worm. Will they be able to find a new home with the arrival of fall?

This book is recommended for children ages five and up with a fantastic background when it comes to dealing with topics such as conflict resolution or helping others. In addition, the story shows the characteristics of fall, such as leaves and chestnuts.

6. Fall Colors Fall: Fall Rhyming Picture Book for Kids by Dee Smith, one of the best books on fall

The colors of fall are one of the highlights and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful things of this season of the year. For this reason, we decided to include this fantastic title that, in the form of a rhyming illustrated album, shows the ocher and red colors of this season.

Through simple rhyming texts and accompanied by a beautiful deer, your children will discover everything that surrounds fall.

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