The Best Seek-and-Find Books for Children

Seek-and-find books are always on the best-seller lists due to how fun they are. In this article, discover some of the best ones!
The Best Seek-and-Find Books for Children

Last update: 07 April, 2020

Although there are children’s books for all tastes and needs, one of the most popular ones are definitely seek-and-find books.

This is because these books allow children to interact with their pages. In addition, they’re essential books for children who have a hard time concentrating. This is because, due to the fact that they have to search and look for different things, they must really focus on the pages.

Although any book is good for family time, these books will allow you to find new things together and, this way, encourage teamwork and companionship in children.

Below, we’ve shared a selection of different seek-and-find books that we’re sure will delight and entertain your children.

The best seek-and-find books for children

1. Where’s Waldo? book collection by Martin Handford

Undoubtedly, this is the oldest and most successful collection of seek-and-find books. The first book of this series was published in 1987 and, thereafter, six other books in which you have to find Waldo in different places and situations were published.

The Best Seek-and-Find Books for Children

Waldo always dresses the same: glasses, blue jeans, and a red-and-white striped jersey and hat. Knowing his characteristics, in each of the books, children need to find Waldo on a beach, a train station, or a shopping mall, among many other spaces, exercising their visual acuity.

Waldo is a very funny character who remains the undisputed star of the most successful seek-and-find books of all time.

2. Hidden in Nature: Search, Find, and Count by Agnese Baruzzi

This book will become one of your children’s favorites as they have to find different types of animals, from insects to huge animals. Thus, they’ll enjoy getting to know each of them. The best part is that the children can mark each animal they’ll find in a list.

3. 1001 Things to Spot book collection by Anna Milbourne

Usborne Publishing is one of the publishers that bet the most on this type of book for young audiences. This is because they newer grow old and they remain popular year after year. These types of books are so important for this publisher that they published a complete collection of books specifically dedicated to spotting different things.

Each of these books has a different theme, meaning the child can choose the one they like the most. The sea, pirates, fairies, or cities are some of the themes they’ll enjoy.

As an incentive, Usborne Publishing offers children who are willing to find all the things that appear on the lists of the different pages prizes in the form of stickers that indicate that they reached the goals.

4. Digby Dog book collection by Tor Freeman

Digby is the protagonist of one of the most successful seek-and-find books. Its success is due, in part, to the fact that children love animal books, and even more so if they’re humanized.

Through the different illustrations and pages of the book, children will discover Digby delivering packages in different parts of the city.

The Best Seek-and-Find Books for Children

The success of these books is due, in part, to the fact that it contains much simpler illustrations than the Waldo books. As its illustrations are simpler, this book collection is ideal for smaller children.

5. Pierre the Maze Detective book collection by Hirofumi Kamigaki

Unlike the previous book collection, this one is recommended for children nine and up. The complexity and overloading of its illustrations require visual acuity and concentration that younger children have yet to develop.

It’s a wonderful book that combines searching with adventure and mystery, because everything revolves around a crime that’s been committed.

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