Children's Books About Christmas Magic

Since waiting for Christmas should be fun and enjoyable, here you'll find a list of children's books about Christmas.
Children's Books About Christmas Magic

Last update: 26 December, 2020

Christmas is one of the most popular topics in children’s books, because it’s a magical time of year for little ones. That’s why so many authors have written wonderful children’s books about Christmas and all its magic.

In the following list of books about Christmas, you’ll find all kinds of stories that you’ll be able to enjoy with your family during the holiday season. This is a great choice to show the little ones what Christmas is about, and to increase older children’s excitement.

Great children’s books about Christmas

Dream Snow

The same author of the classic book The Very Hungry Caterpillar comes back with another classic book about Christmas. This is a fantastic illustrated album for children over 4 years old. Even though it’s a simple book, its story and drawings will catch your children’s attention.

Children's Books About Christmas Magic

Furthermore, there are book flaps in the different pages. Children will also find animals and a farmer… Or is he Santa Claus? All these characters create a wonderful story. Throughout the book, you’ll find snow flakes falling and book flaps to lift. Dream Snow could become one of your favorite books to read when Christmas arrives.

Cosas que pasan en el mundo cuando es navidad (Things that Happen in the World When It’s Christmas)

This is an informative book about Christmas around the world. Here, children will find out what happens during Christmas in different parts of the world. 

In this book, children will learn about different ways people celebrate Christmas, depending on the season, weather, etc. They’ll also discover what food they eat and get to know different characters from the stories. Reading this book is also a fantastic way to talk about values, respect and diversity. It’s also an invitation to know other cultures, without moving from your home.

Olivia’s Big Christmas / Olivia and the Christmas Present

Olivia is one of the most cherished children’s books character. Her collection of books talk about important and educational topics that every children should know.

In this occasion, there are two books about Christmas. The first one is about how hopeful and anxious people become during this time of year, and how everybody waits for Santa’s arrival. Will Olivia be able to meet him?

The second book is about Olivia trying to find the perfect place to hide a Christmas present she bought for her brother, Ian.

More children’s books about Christmas

Cuando a Matias le entraron ganas de hacer pis la noche de Reyes (When Matias Needed to Pee on the Night Before Three King’s Day)

The night before Three Kings Day, children are anxious and hopeful. And, Matias was so nervous about it that he had a constant urge to pee.

However, he wouldn’t get up because he was afraid of missing the arrival of the Three Kings and the presents. This is a very funny story for children and grownups alike. The whole family will be able to enjoy this book, while waiting for the Three Kings.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Even though it has become one of the most famous films in recent years, this book will also catch your children’s attention because of its rhymes and rhythm.

Children's Books About Christmas

The main character of the story is Jack, the skeleton. He lives in a boring Halloween town, where everything is always the same. However, on one occasion, he decides to go out and finds a town full of ornaments, shiny lights and music. 

Someone tells Jack they’re celebrating Christmas. So, he starts wondering what Christmas is about, and when he finds out, he tries to kidnap Santa!

Best Christmas Ever, Christmas explained differently in a book for children

This is a very different kind of story. By reading this book, children will get to know the other side of Christmas.

In this sweet story, a bear is the main character. And he can’t enjoy Christmas time because his father doesn’t have a job. Hence, there’s not enough money to celebrate. Nevertheless, the bear doesn’t lose hope and teaches us how to do the same. 

We highly recommend this book to talk to your children about different values, such as humbleness, hopes and dreams. Finally, it’s a fantastic way to explain to children that people can’t always get what they want. So, it’s very important to cherish what we have.

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