Our Favorite Children's Books About Fashion

There are some children that already know what their passion is from a very young age. Today, we'll show you a selection of children's books about fashion.
Our Favorite Children's Books About Fashion

Last update: 29 July, 2020

Many think of fashion and design as a subject that only adolescents and adults are interested in. However, many girls and boys develop a passion for fashion from a very young age. And fortunately, several authors and publishers have created great materials just for them. So here’s a list of our favorite children’s books about fashion!

The world of fashion and design is one that has evolved immensely over the course of history. The changes that have taken place over the years are unbelievable, and each time period has brought with it great innovation.

These great changes have inspired many people to develop a fascination with fashion. After all, when it comes to designing and combining clothing, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to this love of fashion, there are even schools and study programs that specialize specifically in fashion design and confection. And so the cycle continues, inspiring more and more generations.

Even children, on numerous occasions, worry about their clothing and their outfits. And, with this in mind, we present our list of books about fashion that will be sure to delight and motivate any future fashion designer.

Children’s books about fashion

Our Favorite Children's Books About Fashion

1. Coco Chanel, byMaria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Every art has a series of individuals that have stood out for their achievements and contribution. And with that mind, there’s a children’s literary series dedicated exclusively to highlighting important female figures in history. And within the Little People, Big Dreams collection is a title that tells all about fashion icon Coco Chanel.

Along with Coco Chanel came a revolution in fashion. That’s because her style freed women from uncomfortable garments like corsets. What’s more, she was the first designer to give a masculine touch to women’s clothing, setting a trend that continues to be relevant even today.

Author Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrator Ana Albero show how Chanel’s style revolutionized women’s fashion. Therefore, as little ones read this book and observe its marvelous illustrations, they’ll understand that with hard work, they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

2. Drawing, doodling, and coloring Fashion, by Fiona Watt

Children who are passionate about fashion will love this book, as it’s packed with drawing activities. In this album, they’ll not only find tons of information about fashion. They’ll also discover a great number and variety of activities that will allow children to practice and develop their own creativity.

The activities in this book include combining dress colors, creating hat designs, and even the possibility of designing patterns. Those are just a few examples of what your children will discover in this entertaining and educational selection from Usborne Books.

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3. Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Pad, by Fiona Watt

Innovation, creation, and imagination. That’s all that children need in order to enjoy this fantastic book, also from Usborne books. Within each of its 27 pages, little ones will find drawings of dolls. Some will be completely designed while others are a blank canvas, inviting children to create fashion designs of their own.

Our Favorite Children's Books About Fashion

What’s more, the design of this book allows children to create clothing that’s completely different. That’s because it encompasses the four seasons: summer, spring, fall and winter. From winter jackets and scarves to sunglasses for summer.

This book offers a multitude of activities that will completely enthrall young creators. In fact, they’ll even be able to design the background of each page.

5. A History of Fashion, by Laura Cowan

The next title on our list is one of the most detailed children’s books about fashion that you can find. Once again, it’s part of the Usborne Books collection.

The history of fashion goes back more than 5000 years – there’s so much to know! Children can appreciate all of the evolution that’s taken place during this time in this fantastic illustrated album.

This is the perfect book for young fashion lovers, as well as children who are passionate about historyHere we find everything from amazing dresses from the movies to those of postwar England… From university fashion to the fashion of postwar London. And these are just a few examples of the time periods that children will learn about and enjoy.

Each of the pages in this book shares the same structure: The title of the time period or style and a small informative text that goes along with it. Then, there are a series of illustrations of people donning historical clothing styles. What’s more, each illustration includes a few lines of text that refer to the hairstyle, clothing, fabric, and other relevant aspects.

So, perhaps you have a child that already dreams of making his or her way into the world of fashion. Or maybe you’re just looking to expose your little one to a variety of different subjects. Whatever the reason, these books are sure to be a hit!


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