Outstanding Women: Little People Big Dreams

The Little People, Big Dreams collection reveals a series of some of the most outstanding women in history. In today's article, we'll tell you about some of our favorites.
Outstanding Women: Little People Big Dreams

Last update: 23 June, 2020

Despite the fact that we’re in the 21st century, we’re still dealing with a lack of equality between men and women. And when we look at our history books, there are a lot more men on the pages than there are women. Just the same, there are plenty of women who have made important contributions, and the Little People, Big Dreams collection helps children learn more about them.

In each book in this collection, Spanish author Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara tells the story of one of the world’s female icons in a way that’s relatable for children. They allow young readers to discover different women that have left their mark on history .

The Little People, Big Dreams collection

The women that turned their dreams into reality. That’s how we could define the different titles that make up this fantastic literary collection. We’re talking about a series of books that allow boys and girls today to discover the important contributions of women.

These books are also a stupendous tool for helping little ones understand that they can do all that they set their minds to. All they need to do is fight for their dreams and never give up.

Originally, this collection consisted of just a few titles. However, given their great success, the publisher decided to add new titles. Currently, there are 23 books that make up the Little People, Big Dreams collection .

The author of all of the books in the series is Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara. However, several illustrators have contributed their talents – all of them women.

Outstanding Women: Little People Big Dreams

All of the titles are aimed at the same age group. Children ages 5 and up can enjoy each of these fantastic stories. Their pages are full of beautiful and attractive illustrations, accompanied by a short text that’s usually no longer than two lines.

Therefore, children are also able to allow their imaginations to soar. As they read each book, they can relate to the characters and put themselves in the stories.

What women appear in the Little People, Big Dreams collection?

Writers, fashion designers, scientists, painters… Unlike many children’s books, these aren’t your typical stories about princesses being rescued by men. Here, we find just the opposite: True stories of women who made their own dreams come true .

Coco Chanel, Agatha Christie, Audrey Hepburn, and Frida Kahlo are just a few of the women that make up this fascinating series. And each one of them will inspire boys, girls alike – even adults.

Below, we’ll tell you a little more about what you can find in the pages of some of the titles in this amazing book series.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall –

Outstanding Women: Little People Big Dreams

Jane Goodall

English primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall has always stood out for her love of nature and, more specifically, her passion for and dedication to chimpanzees. Her dream was to travel to Tanzania in order to conduct research on these animals. Jane never doubted herself for a moment, and thanks to her determination, her dream came true.

This book allows readers to get to know the greatest expert on chimpanzees the world has ever known. After all, Goodall practically lived among them for several years of her life.

Marie Curie

Throughout history and to date, women have always dreamt of being scientists. And this book about a world-famous physicist aims to tell girls that nothing should stop them.

Marie Curie was the first woman in history to win a Nobel prize and the first person and only woman to win two Nobel prizes. What’s more, she was the only person to win Nobel prizes in two different fields. And that’s just the beginning… She was also the first woman to obtain her doctorate in France, and the first woman professor at the University of Paris.

The pages of this book tell the story of one of the most inspiring women in modern science. Readers will discover how she dedicated her life to research and learn about all of her achievements.

Coco Chanel

And when we talk about Coco Chanel, we’re talking about a symbol of women’s liberation. Coco revolutionized the world of fashion. She shortened the length of skirts, gave a masculine touch to certain styles, and got rid of the corsets women used in the past.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

– Coco Chanel –

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