Isadora Moon: A Revolution in Children's Literature

Today, we want to tell you all about the Isadora Moon series by Harriet Muncaster. Keep reading to discover more about this revolution in children's literature.
Isadora Moon: A Revolution in Children's Literature

Last update: 27 June, 2020

Some children’s books are a clear success before they even hit the bookstore shelves. However, in other cases, a bit of “word of mouth” is required. Whatever the case, certain children’s characters become classics in the world of children’s literature. And that’s the case with Isadora Moon, a collection of books that’s perfect for girls age six and up.

Today, we’ll talk a bit more about this character and the reason behind her great success. So, whether you’re already a fan or are new to the world of Isadora Moon, stick around!

Who is Isadora Moon?

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered Isadora Moon, she’s half fairy, half vampire. And one thing is true: She’s totally unique!

On the one hand, she has the fangs of a vampire that she inherited from her father. And, on the other hand, from her mother, she has a magic wand and a pink bunny that makes everything around it magical.

With these characteristics, we have a feminine character that completely breaks down gender stereotypes. Isadora Moon shows that any taste or preference can be possible and fit in.

What started off being a single book has ended up becoming a collection of 12 different titles. Thanks to the great success of Isadora Moon, the books exist in more than 27 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and Romanian. This goes to prove that this literary series is causing a revolution in children’s literature.

Isadora Moon: A Revolution in Children's Literature

Through the books in this collection, their author, Harriet Muncaster, wants to send a very important key message. She wants to tell young readers that they should accept themselves and others just the way they are.

More about this revolutionary collection

As we’ve already mentioned, Isadora Moon is half fairy, half vampire. That’s because her mother is a fairy and her father is a vampire. Besides the particular characterization of the main character of these stories, there is another type of characterization that will help you distinguish what books are by Harriet Muncaster.

And that’s because Harriet Muncaster isn’t only an author, she’s also the illustrator of her own works. The illustrations in her books are very unique. Anyone who knows Isadora will recognize books by Muncaster in any bookstore around the world.

The reason? All of the illustrations we’re talking about consist of the same colors: Black, white, and pink. No other colors appear in these books. And of course, pink is the color that stands out the most.

Respect as a foundation in this collection

Respect, equality, and tolerance are basic values in the world we live in. However, we’re constantly hearing about more and more cases of violent and negative actions in schools around the world. The United States is no exception, in fact, quite the opposite is true.

And that’s exactly why Harriet Muncaster decided to base her books on acceptance, a key factor in happiness. But her books aren’t just about accepting one’s self, but also accepting others – just the way they are.

The plot of the first book begins when Isadora Moon arrives at a new school full of human beings. Given her particular physical appearance and thoughts, she feels like she doesn’t fit in with the rest of her classmates. In short, she feels “different.”

As we read the pages of the book, we discover the problems Isadora gets into and the adventures she has in solving them. What’s more, we see how she encounters the help of her classmates.

Titles within the Isadora Moon collection

As we’ve already mentioned, the success of the first book motivated the author to publish a total of 12 Isadora Moon books. However, we’re sure the collection will continue to grow over the years to come

Below, we’ll tell you all of the titles that make up this amazing literary collection. That way, each child can choose whichever title, theme, or illustrations most capture his or her attention.

And as the author herself states, there’s no need to read the books in any particular order. No matter what book children read first, they’re sure to want to get their hands on the entire set!

Isadora Moon: A Revolution in Children's Literature

  • Isadora Moon Puts on a Show.
  • Has a Sleepover.
  • Makes Winter Magic.
  • Goes to the Fair.
  • Goes on a School Trip.
  • Gets in Trouble.
  • Goes to the Ballet.
  • Has a Birthday.
  • Goes Camping.
  • Goes to School.
  • Saves the Carnival.
  • Goes on Holiday.

A fantastic literary collection for boys and girls

The books in this series are perfect for young readers. Their beautiful and careful illustrations, the large and clear text, the fun adventures of the main character, fantasy, and so much glitter are all part of what makes each title so enchanting.

What’s more, children who read them will be able to relate to how Isadora feels when she goes to school. These books are the perfect tool to encourage little ones to share their worries and doubts with those they trust and, therefore, prevent bigger issues.

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