5 Ideas for Your Child's Birthday Invitation

A child's birthday invitation can be the spark that makes his or her friends really excited about coming to the party and we'll give you some great ideas on how to make them.
5 Ideas for Your Child's Birthday Invitation
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Making your child’s birthday invitation is a really great option. You just need a little creativity and willingness to get hands-on!

Children’s birthday parties have their own unofficial rules and regulations, and preparing a good one can take a lot of work and patience. Part of the fun is creating a great invitation, and so, in this article, we’re going to help you design your child’s birthday invitation with five easy and very attractive ideas.

It’s true that you can also pay someone else to take care of the decoration, the invitations and everything else. Doing things yourself is a double challenge for those who are not very skilled with crafts (but much cheaper!).

Perhaps the key lies in knowing what message you want to get across to your child’s friends, and doing it in a cool way with crafts.

Your child’s birthday invitation: ideas on card and other surprises

1. Favorite characters

As you know, one of the typical ways to organize a child’s birthday party is to use already existing themes. The most common, especially for young children, is to choose a Disney movie with your child’s favorite character, and then use this theme for everything in the party. While it may not be the most original idea, it’ll make your child feel at home.

If you make the invitation at home, you can give a personalized touch to themes that may seem a little trite. For example, if you’re thinking of using Mickey Mouse, you could just put his ears on the invite. If it’s Captain America, then you could just use his shield.

2. Surprises

Another fun original idea for the little ones is to make invitations with little surprises in them. They work with all kinds of topics, and the resources you need are minimal. Using a candy wrapper style, with the invitation on cardboard and some small candies inside always look really good.

5 Ideas for Your Child's Birthday Invitation

These types of surprises can remind us of candies we’ve received in days gone by at kids’ parties. Although these details can go unnoticed, they’re certainly worth adding to the celebration.

For example, if the invitations are made in the style of candies, then it would be good if the gifts given at the end of the party were the same type of candies, or at least the same style. The key is to always find some way of surprising people.

3. Animals, ice cream, cardboard toys

Another idea for your child’s birthday invitation is to give them the shape of an animal, insect or other object.

Some examples of these are ladybugs, bees, butterflies, flowers, kittens, chicks, etc. These can be made as folding or single-sided, using just cardboard of different colors. Don’t worry, you don’t have to draw anything; just cut and paste circles, squares and triangles.

The limit is your imagination. You can also make them in the form of ice cream, balls, dolls, boats, or whatever else you can think of. If you can’t seem to get any inspiration, then think about your child’s favorite toys. Your child will love it if you make the invites in the shape of his or her favorite game.

4. Photo montages

By making use of digital resources, you can come up with something a little different for your child’s birthday invitation. In fact, if you digitize it, it’ll be easier to send to the WhatsApp group that you share with the parents of your child’s classmates. Here are some ideas:

  • Mega Festival: If you love music festivals, then you could create a birthday invitation for your child by emulating the environment of one of these events. Choose the one you like the most and then adapt it for your little one; it’s ideal for older children.
  • A Wanted poster is a very amusing idea that you can print in sepia tones to create a more genuine look. All you need to do is download a template, then place the face of your child on the front, and add the details of the party. In the part where it says “rewards” you can mention some of the things the friends will be able to enjoy there: cake, balloons, music, dancing, and anything else you care to mention.
  • Collage: You can also create true works of art including photos of your child at different ages, or some drawings of your own. Or, alternatively, you can scan flowers and leaves to give them a more personalized touch.
5 Ideas for Your Child's Birthday Invitation

5. Final ideas for the birthday invitation

As a few final ideas, you can print your child’s birthday invitation on balloons, candy wrappings, small stories, or cards that simulate movie tickets.

Remember that your imagination has no limits. Take advantage of these fun ideas and use your creativity to make a unique birthday invitation.

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