4 Crafts with Cork Stoppers

Free time and lots of cork stoppers – that's what you'll need to have a great time with your family creating these crafts. Here are 4 crafts with cork stoppers to provide hours of fun!
4 Crafts with Cork Stoppers

Last update: 11 July, 2020

Whether it be a rainy day or an impossibly hot day, sometimes it’s best to stay inside and spend time together as a family. In reality, any day is a perfect day to spend a fun time with the family doing all kinds of recreational activities. Today we’ll be bringing you some crafts with cork stoppers so that your children can develop their artistic skills and enjoy some great games using their own imagination.

Crafts with cork stoppers

1. Bowling

What better activity could there be than to create your own bowling game and then be able to enjoy playing it afterwards? This is an ideal craft for kids, and it’s adapted to the size of their fingers!

Bowling usually involves bigger elements that smaller children can’t throw as their strength still hasn’t fully developed. Therefore, this game using cork stoppers will be ideal for children between three and four years of age.

For this craft, you’ll need:

  • 10 cork stoppers
  • Paint

All you need to do is paint or decorate the 10 corks in whatever color you want. You can put eyes on them, dress them up like football players, or give them any kind of uniform you can think of.

Once all the cork stoppers are prepared and decorated, you can arrange them in a line, find a small ball to knock them down with, and then have some fun with your child!

Some corks.

2. Animals, a great craft with cork stoppers

There’s no doubt that kids love animals, and so this is likely to become their favorite cork stopper craft. To carry it out, you’ll need:

  • As many cork stoppers as the animals you want to create
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Any extra elements for specific animals

To do this craft, first of all, you’ll have to choose the animals you want to create from the cork stoppers. Once you’ve chosen them, you’ll have to think about what material each animal will need. If, for example, you’ve chosen a sheep, then you can use cotton wool to create the sheep’s wool. If you choose a dog or a cat, you can use EVA foam to create the ears and the tail.

This craft is so much fun! With a little imagination you’ll be able to create a whole menagerie and have some great family fun!

3. Boats

Can you imagine sailing the seas in a boat you created yourself? Well, with this craft it’s possible….you just need a little imagination! To create this great little boat you’ll need:

  • Three corks for each boat
  • A toothpick
  • EVA foam, fabric, or foils to create the sail
  • Glue

First, you’ll need to place the three corks side by side in order to create the base. We advise that, as well as gluing them, you thread a piece of cotton or wool through them to attach them together and prevent them from separating.

Once the base has been created, the next step is to stick the toothpick to the middle cork to make the mast. The last step will be to cut the sail out of EVA foam, cloth, or foil and stick it to the toothpick mast. And, voila, your boat is ready to sail!

4 Crafts with Cork Stoppers

4. Dragons

Dragons are mythological beings that children absolutely love, because of their enormous size, their shapes, and their ability to fly and breathe fire. That’s why they’ll adore being able to create their own dragons out of cork stoppers and make them fly and breathe fire in their imagination.

Creating these dragons is very simple, and you’ll only need:

  • Two cork stoppers for each dragon
  • Six toothpicks (with one rounded end)
  • Colored cardboard

With the two cork stoppers you’ll create the body and head of the dragon. One of the stoppers will be placed vertically while the other, to form the head, will be glued to the end horizontally.

The next step is to create its arms and legs. To do this, just use the four toothpicks with the rounded part at the bottom – this will enable the dragon to support its legs!

The last step is to create the dragon’s skin. To do this, just use different colored card and cut out very small triangles. Then place three on the dragon’s back and another three on its head. Some googly eyes will also be a great addition if you have them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 4 crafts with cork stoppers. Happy crafting!

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