New to Netflix: The Willoughbys

Find out more about the fun new children's movie on Netflix, The Willoughbys. Your whole family will love it!
New to Netflix: The Willoughbys

Last update: 11 March, 2021

Below, we’ll tell you a bit about this new film, The Willoughbys, which is among the most viewed on Netflix since its premiere in April 2020.

Digital content platforms are bringing new children’s animated films that go beyond just Disney and Dreamworks. One of the platforms that has the most children’s content, besides Disney+, is Netflix.

The movie Klaus, released in 2019 and with a Christmas theme, was the great beginning of children’s animated films on this platform. In fact, this fantastic film competed for an Oscar, although Toy Story 4 ended up taking home the award.

Just the same, the movie’s success led to the release of more very original films, such as The Willoughbys.

The Willoughbys – the new Netflix movie

Children’s books that later turn into movies are usually a success. And this is the safe bet that Netflix made by producing this animated film by author Lois Lowry.

New to Netflix: The Willoughbys
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It tells the story of a family totally different from what we’re used to seeing on the big screen. It’s a unique family in which the parents hate their children and the children share the same sentiment towards their parents. The story is conveyed through a fun and original point of view, without undermining at any time respect towards these family figures.

From the film’s first scenes, in which we meet the first of the sons of the Willoughby family, we’re aware that this film’s totally out of the ordinary.

Of course, we don’t want to spoil the movie for you by giving away its plot or ending. But here are a few details of what to expect if you decide to enjoy it in the coming days.

Animals – always present in children’s movies

In almost all children’s movies, animals have a leading role that makes them stand out among the main characters. And, on this occasion, Netflix has decided to portray the figure of a cat. This furry star becomes narrator of the story and then a protagonist.

The role of sweets in the film

Willy Wonka, from the book and movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, made thousands of children want to visit his factory.

In this film, you won’t find chocolate, but you’ll find a factory of jelly beans and candy with fantastic colors that are sure to leave your children drooling.

New to Netflix: The Willoughbys
© Bron Animation / Creative Wealth Media Finance. Distributed by Netflix

Adventure – the main plot of The Willoughbys

The theme that most engages children’s audiences is, without a doubt, adventure. And the Willoughbys will experience many different adventures during the hour and a half that this movie lasts. Fortunately, they always come out unscathed.

Imagination is also very present throughout the family’s story from the moment the brothers decide they want to get rid of their parents and start living as orphans.

Family and honor

Despite the fact that this is a unique family that’s totally different from what we’re used to, things weren’t always this way. We can see this just by observing countless paintings that decorate the family mansion.

The honor of being a Willoughby is present throughout the film, in addition to the feeling of union between the siblings, despite all the circumstances they have to face.

A fun movie to enjoy with the family

In short, Netflix has released an animated film that’s very different from what we’re used to seeing. Despite this, and perhaps with a small similarity to the series A Series of Unfortunate Events, the whole family can enjoy and have fun getting to know the outstanding personalities of all the characters.


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