4 Ideas to Make Wall Hangings to Decorate Your Children's Room

Wall hangings are all the rage. Discover some ideas to make tapestries to decorate your children's room in the following article.
4 Ideas to Make Wall Hangings to Decorate Your Children's Room

Last update: 26 July, 2022

Wall hangings are one of the best alternatives to enrich the image of a children’s room. Therefore, today we’ll present you with 4 ideas to create decorative crafts to hang on the walls of your children’s room.

We’re sure that the time you’ll invest in these creations will be useful to strengthen the bond with your kids. In addition, it’ll help you enjoy your free time together, while learning about each other’s tastes.

Are you interested? Then let’s get to work!

Ideals for wall hangings for your children’s room

There are many types and colors of tapestries to suit the taste of each child, but one thing is clear: All of them are a good option to change the decor of a corner and make it even more special.

1. A rainbow of joy, one of the most adorable tapestries for your children’s room

Making a rainbow tapestry is the most cheerful option possible and one that’s sure to make both adults and children fall in love. Besides, it’s very easy to make, since they’re made with strings covered with yarn of different shades.


  • Nylon and polyester braided rope
  • 7 balls of colored yarns
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Twine
  • 1 paper clip
Children playing patty cake in front of a decorated window.
If your children love color, fantasy, and illusion, be sure to try the tapestries that we recommend.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. To start this tapestry, use the string to make the rainbow shape. To do this, you have to fold it over itself until you get the seven arches.
  2. Then, cut off the joining points of the string to make the arches independent and place a piece of masking tape at the end of each one. This is to prevent the yarn from unraveling.
  3. Put the wire around each arch and secure with tape. This will keep it in shape and keep the rainbow more securely in place.
  4. Once this is done, take a ball of yarn and wrap each arch with a different color, right up to the area where you placed the masking tape.
  5. Tie a knot so it doesn’t come loose and remove the tape to unravel part of the string.
  6. To finish, glue the arches to each other and attach a clip to the back of the rainbow to put it on the wall.

2. Wool tapestry

As stated in a study developed by the Technical University of Ambato, for children to develop a love for nature and respect for the environment, there’s nothing better than making crafts and decorations with organic materials.

In this sense, wool wall hangings are the perfect allies for those empty and boring walls that you don’t know how to decorate. You won’t find two that are alike, as they’re handmade.

  • To make them, you’ll only need to create a sort of collage by gluing different balls, wool pompoms, and any fabric of this material.
  • Then, incorporate a few strings to anchor them to the wall and…. And you’re ready to go!

3. Paper tapestry

Perhaps you’ve already made paper streamers to decorate the living room for birthday parties or other special celebrations. Following this idea, we suggest using the same material to produce wall hangings that are ideal for decorating your children’s rooms.


  • A frame to hang the tapestry
  • Cardboard or paper in different shades of blue (from darker to lighter) and purple
  •  A pair of scissors
  • A small stapler
  • A ruler
  • A pencil

Step-by-step instructions

  1. To begin, draw and cut out strips of the same size on the different colored papers.
  2. Make the first round with the paper and a stapler. When you have it, join four circles of each color until you have a central serpentine.
  3. From there, start making the two chains that will go on the sides.
  4. Repeat the same operation with the rest (always removing the last colored circle to leave a pennant shape) and place it on the wall.

4. Paint tapestry

This craft combines paint with wool details, a material that gives warmth to the finish and gives the decoration a more homemade style. What do you think about making one for your children’s room?


  • Plywood sheets of the dimensions you want the tapestry to have
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Drill
  • Colored wool

Step-by-step instructions

  1. To begin, drill two holes in the upper part of the board to hang the tapestry.
  2. In the lower part, make five holes to put the wool decoration.
  3. When you have it, paint the plywood with your favorite colors and let it dry.
  4. Make pompoms with the colored yarn and place a piece of yarn on top to hang the tapestry on the wall.
  5. Glue the fabric, well stretched out, on the wooden frames. Finally, tie a string to both ends of the top strip to hang it on the wall.
A young girl painting on an easil.
Invite your children to be the artists of their own decorative tapestries.

Fall in love with these tapestry ideas to decorate your children’s room

As several researchers from the University of Boras have confirmed, the wall hangings are currently in style. In addition, we love them because each piece is unique and special, as it can be customized according to the tastes of the little king or queen of the house.

We hope you found these ideas for making wall hangings to decorate your children’s room inspiring and that you’re encouraged to put them into practice while enjoying family time. So, which of them caught your attention the most? Let us know in the comments!

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