5 Sports Movies for Kids

Do you think that television or movies are only here to entertain you kids. The fact it, they can educate our children as well. Here are 5 sports movies you're little ones will love.
5 Sports Movies for Kids
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Sports movies for children are a good way to set an example, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to learn what’s behind them. It’s no secret to anyone that children enjoy films, especially when they can identify with the characters in their stories. So, it’s just a matter of properly selecting the type and content of the film, in order to educate your children With that in mind, take note of the following list of our 5 favorite sports movies for kids!

Sports and movies

Inviting children to watch sports movies is much more than suggesting entertainment. It’s a way of encouraging them to get moving and perhaps to start putting into practice what they’re seeing. It can even function as a tool to introduce them to certain sports that they never even knew about before.

Audiovisual media have an enormous influence on the education of children. In addition, movies about sports can also be a great personal motivation strategy for little ones.

In general, in this type of film, the protagonist struggles to fulfill their dreams, but they achieve them after a lot of effort and dedication.

For all of these reasons, we recommend that you give the following titles a chance so that you can enjoy watching them together with your children.

1. Space Jam: Game of the Century (1996)

Does the name of this film sound familiar to you? We’re sure it doesn’t, and you’ve probably already seen the previews of its new version on social networks or on TV.

However, before seeing the new installment, we recommend you see the original, starring the legendary Michael Jordan along with the Looney Tunes.

In addition to being entertaining and funny, it’s focused on a very important basketball game for those who participate in it. Space Jam highlights the importance of being yourself and accepting yourself in order to succeed in life. It’s a great metaphor for children to learn from a young age.

2. Little Giants (1994)

This is a movie from the 1990s, starring Rick Moranis, which is based on the story of an American football team.

Like the previous one, it’s very focused on self-acceptance as a great quality for life. At the same time, it also teaches about the importance of teamwork and how essential individual differences are to enhancing group achievements.

This is a good way to talk with children about each person’s special abilities.

3. Goal! (2005)

The name of this film refers to soccer goals, one of the most famous sports in the world. It tells the life of an amateur athlete who becomes a professional.

Goal! was brought to the big screen in 2005, starring Kuno Becker. It’s made up of a complete trilogy, which allows you to delve into the real history of the soccer player.

It shows that the dreams of young people can come true if you work hard for them and leave your comfort zone. Without a doubt, this is a great lesson for your children.

4. The Karate Kid (2010)

This 2010 film starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith is the adaptation of the film released in 1984.

In addition to introducing your children to the world of martial arts, this movie allows you to teach about diversity and the importance of discipline when it comes to respecting your opponents.

Without a doubt, it’s a movie that you can watch with your children over and over again.

5. Kicking and Screaming (2005)

Will Ferrell stars in this laughter-packed film, which teaches children what they shouldn’t do in order to lead a soccer team. Plus, it also shows how damaging excessive competition can be.

Despite being a lot of fun, the plot can be a bit complex for young children. So, we recommend you watch the movie with them in order to explain everything that happens.

Enjoy sports movies with the kids

Beyond recommending these movies to your children, the best thing you can do is sit by their side to enjoy them together. You’ll see that it’s a great family plan, either for a rainy afternoon or to entertain yourselves while enjoying a snack.

Don’t use movies as mere entertainment or a distraction tool for children. Try to provide them with quality content so that they get some lessons from the movies they see. And, of course, pay special attention to the content they watch. You can even discuss the films at the end in order to make learning even more enriching.

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