9 Keys to Organizing a Baby Shower

Organizing a baby shower is something very special. In today's article, we'll tell you about 9 baby shower must-haves. Keep reading!
9 Keys to Organizing a Baby Shower
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 February, 2023

Organizing a baby shower is something very special. It’s when you can invite your loved ones to share the joy of the arrival of a new member of the family.

This party is usually prepared by the sisters, friends, or relatives of the parents-to-be, who often assume part of the cost to surprise and entertain them. In popular culture, it’s a celebration with a long history: Already in the Victorian era, the closest members of the family gathered to offer gifts to the baby.

Keep reading to discover 9 keys to organizing a baby shower.

Baby shower snacks.
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What to consider when organizing a baby shower?

The number of guests

This is a key factor when organizing a baby shower. Knowing the number of guests will be essential in order to define the place, the menu, the activities to be carried out, among other things. Keep in mind that this is mainly an intimate party, in which the closest people to the mother-to-be will participate. It’s important that she doesn’t get tired or overwhelmed in the middle of a huge and multitudinous event.

The venue

The venue is usually the house of the honoree or of a relative, although you can also have it at a restaurant or some other location where the mother and guests will feel comfortable. The important thing is to take into account the number of guests and the activities that will entertain them. It’s also a good idea that the mother is at ease and avoids too much hustle and bustle.

Define if the baby shower will be for women only or mixed

It’s very common for baby showers to be women’s parties: The mother and her female friends. Nowadays, however, it’s become more and more common for the baby’s father, his friends, and other men in the family to be included. The celebration can be even more special if everyone is taken into account.

However, it’s essential to define this issue in advance, as how you go about organizing a baby shower will depend on it. Being a mixed baby shower, you’ll need to consider what to do so that everyone is entertained and participates. Likewise, this information may introduce changes in the food or drink menu.

The invitations

In order to assure that all the guests can set aside the date and attend the event, you need to send out the invitations as soon as possible! They can be on paper, or you can choose a more modern and ecological option: Virtual invitations. Nowadays, invitations through social networks, emails, or messaging apps are sweeping.

The baby shower menu

A table set with food for a baby shower.

Food can’t be missing from this special celebration for a pregnant woman or her soon-to-be-born child. She’ll enjoy eating from all the snacks present on the table. It can be a lunch, a dinner, or a cocktail. A special section of sweets with baby motifs should be included.

The cake is the star of the party. It should look beautiful and be attractive to the guests. It can include themes according to the baby’s sex. Flexible fondant is also widely used in order to decorate it with ornaments such as bottles, pacifiers, or stuffed animals.

As for drinks, fruit juices are the most recommended. Smoothies are also a good option, as well as coffee, tea, ice cream, and lemonade. Cocktails should be non-alcoholic so that the mother-to-be can drink them without any problem.

The decorations

Here, the imagination of mothers and friends can run wild. With tablecloths, garlands, balloons, storks, or hearts, you can decorate a candy table in a creative way.

Of course, it’s best that the decoration isn’t too overloaded, because then it won’t look pretty. You can think of a theme that you like to carry out (movies, children’s series, etc.). Check the internet for some ideas on how to organize a unique baby shower. You’re sure to get it right!


Playful activities are a must. Among the most classic is guessing the diameter of the belly with a ribbon or with toilet paper. Guests compete to win a small gift.

For those who prefer things more discreet and nostalgic, a good option would be to use old family photographs for those present to guess who’s in each baby picture. Similarly, you can prepare cards with random questions that encourage the guest to evoke a specific childhood memory (first birthday, first day of school, etc.).

If you want something more playful and your friends are extroverted, try having the guests pretend to be pregnant by putting balloons under their shirts. They can play Twister and the one who pops the fewest balloons wins.

Ideally, your party participants should come up with their own ideas for games. This way, they’ll feel much more inspired and motivated. As with the decorations, you can look for ideas on the internet to organize an entertaining baby shower. Don’t forget to take into account the personality of your guests.

The gift-opening moment

This is one of the most memorable moments of the event. Here, the mother-to-be is literally “showered” (hence the word “shower”) in gifts and love. It will be exciting to unwrap each package and discover clothes, toys, or creative gifts that will be very special for your baby. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

The party favors

To keep a little piece of that magical moment, you can surprise your guests with something very simple: Prepare some bags with candies, cupcakes, scented candles, or key chains in the shape of baby bottles. You can also place a copy of your last ultrasound in 3D! It would be an endearing gift. There’s no need to spend a lot of money, as the idea is to make it a creative celebration. These memories should be filled with lots of love and family togetherness. Give them your own personal stamp to transmit your joy.

Now you have no excuse not to celebrate a great baby shower. It’s a wonderful day because you’re celebrating the arrival of a very special person in your life. You’ll have a great time with all the people who will gather with love to share your joy and enthusiasm.

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