Being A Mother Is A Wonderful Gift

Being A Mother Is A Wonderful Gift

Last update: 07 December, 2017

Only those of us who are mothers understand what a wonderful gift motherhood is. A woman is truly fulfilled when she has children.

This has nothing to do with women’s professional aspirations or their revolutionary advances in gender equality. Not because these are not important. They really are, and, in fact, as mothers we should fight for all women to receive equal treatment, in all areas of their lives.

However, the self-realization that a woman achieves when she experiences the wonderful gift of motherhood cannot be compared to anything else. There is nothing else like the sensation of giving life to a new soul.

This, nature’s most most prodigious feat, is also the unsurmountable high-point in a woman’s life. Women have received the great gift of making it possible, of being witness and protagonist to the miracle growing inside them.

Within every woman who is about to become a mother, there is a fertilized cell which holds the mysteries of the life that will come into being over the next nine months. These 270 days are a milestone for every couple that has conceived.

When carrying a baby inside her, a woman feels  with her own flesh  every change, development, twinge of pain, leap of joy or sign of life. From that mother, comes a child who is intelligent and beautiful, with the conscience and ability to create and transform the world.

And the person that gave birth to the child knows this best of all, because the baby has already changed her.

the wonderful gift of motherhood

The wonderful gift of motherhood

The best way for a woman to approach an experience as intense as this one is with gratitude. Be thankful for the gift that you have received. This will help kindle within you that unique feeling of maternal love. The love that a mother feels for her child, which makes her capable of taking on the entire world if she has to.

Giving birth gives women true fulfillment. This may seem like nonsense if you haven’t been through it, but it is maternity that allows women to mature completely.

Mothers have experienced the most precious gift there is. The chance to give life, and the experience of doing it, are what makes a mother grow and prepare to protect the baby that will soon be born.

The changes that come with the gift of motherhood help women to prepare to face sacrifices and struggles, fatigue, effort and joy, in a process which, paradoxically, also brings peace and optimism.

drawing of mother holding baby

Motherhood leads to growth

Experiencing motherhood makes every woman aware of a new sensation. It flows from you constantly. The love of a mother who is grateful for her gift knows no limits.

The wonderful gift of motherhood lets you observe and appreciate the beauty of life, expressed more clearly than ever in the growth of your own child. Day by day, this is the flame that feeds your hopes for the future.

There is no smile in the world more genuine than that which appears on the face of a mother when she sees her child. She had never felt happiness like I do now that she has a child, a little person who reminds her that with every fiber of their being, that motherhood is a wonderful gift.

From the day that this woman knows that she is going to be a mother, she begins a voyage. The destination is not just birth: it is deeper than that. Above all, being a mother means caring for a baby, whose future depends on their parents.

And this is how every woman realizes that the wonderful gift that she has received comes with immense responsibility. It comes with hard work and sacrifices, all of them made willingly out of the infinite love that only a mother knows how to give.

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