Why Should Your Babies Choose Their Date of Birth?

There are many health professionals that affirm that it's good to allow babies to choose their date of birth. They base their reasoning on the advantages for both mother and child. Read to find out what they are.
Why Should Your Babies Choose Their Date of Birth?

Last update: 31 August, 2019

Are you nearing the end of your pregnancy and feeling anxious to meet the new love of your life? Even if you feel like you can’t wait, rest assured that it’s best to let your baby choose his or her date of birth.

In today’s article, you’ll discover the reasons behind this truth so you can feel more relaxed about giving birth.

The duration of pregnancy

A typical pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks – 280 days – beginning from the date of the mother’s last menstruation. A baby’s date of birth can come up to 3 weeks early or up to three weeks later than expected.

In fact, only 50% of pregnant women give birth on their supposed due date. However, this variation is due to a series of internal and external factors.

It’s important to point out that, since the 1990s, there has been an increase in what is known as early elective deliveryThis is the result of a trend where parents choose their baby’s date of birth even when no medical reason exists for doing so.

The World Health Organization is trying to raise awareness so that more women, when possible, allow their babies to choose their own date of birth.

Why Should Your Babies Choose Their Date of Birth?

Why is it good to let babies choose their own due date?

Births between the weeks of 37 and 42 are considered to be within normal parameters. However, currently specialists affirm that waiting until at least week 39 to give birth is beneficial.

The main reason that it’s good for babies to choose their own date of birth is because of the level of growth they experience in these last weeksIt’s during this period that the lungs, brain, liver and other organs reach full development.

Below are even more reasons to promote allowing babies to establish their own date of birth:

There is a reduction in the development of a variety of conditions

Waiting until at least week 39 to give birth helps to reduce vision, respiratory, and auditory defects. This is thanks to – as mentioned above – the complete development of brain cells and other organs in the body.

Furthermore, babies born in weeks 39 and onward have the possibility to acquire a greater number of antibodies, giving them an increased capacity to fight against certain infections .

Reduced mortality rate

Infant mortality rate increases in children born before week 37. The reason is that they don’t yet have the ability to adapt to the outer world and even have difficulties nursing.

It’s best to allow babies to choose their own date of birth because it gives them more time in the womb. And during this time, babies develop a better sucking reflex, which greatly improves their chances of nursing correctly.

Furthermore, it allows the muscular system to develop, which helps avoid acid reflux and other complications.

Babies are more prepared to face the outside world

During their final days in the uterus, babies gain weight, which better prepares them for life in the outside world. They acquire more body fat, which helps them better regulate their body temperature. Furthermore, they can also regulate their sugar levels better than babies born prematurely, by cesarean, or by induced labor.

Benefits for mothers

When parents predetermine the date of their baby’s birth, they employ a series of techniques and medications in order to induce labor.

On occasion, this doesn’t work as expected and produces adverse reactions. There is also a greater risk of having to resort to C-section in order to put an end to extended labor. This procedure increases a woman’s chances of suffering complications like infection, hemorrhage, uterine fissures, and more.

Why Should Your Babies Choose Their Date of Birth?

Better overall health

Both mother and baby enjoy a faster recovery after the birthing process when babies are allowed to establish their own date of birth. This helps mothers better adapt to lactation and the care of her baby, and it helps babies grow healthy and strong.

In conclusion, it’s almost always best to let babies be the ones to choose their own date of birth. That way, they can set their own rhythm and schedule according to their needs.

There are a number of benefits for both mother and baby, including quick recovery from the birthing process. Examine the benefits in detail and consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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