How to Dress for a Wedding if You're Pregnant

Today, we'll teach you the best tips on how to dress for a wedding if you're pregnant so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest!
How to Dress for a Wedding if You're Pregnant

Last update: 23 April, 2022

If you’re expecting and an invitation to a wedding arrives, don’t despair! Here, you’ll find the best tips on how to dress for a wedding if you’re pregnant.

The doubts are many. “What kind of clothes should I choose?” “What shoes should I wear?” “What colors best suit the silhouette of a pregnant woman?”

If you can identify, then you’ve come to the right place! On the day of the event, our goal is for your the feel elegant, comfortable, and fresh so you can enjoy the party to the fullest, just like the rest of the guests.

For this reason, below, we’ll bring you the most practical solutions and the most chic fashion tips so that you look and feel beautiful at this very special event. Take note!

Pregnant, elegant, and comfortable: 100% compatible

To choose a look for a wedding if you’re pregnant, it’s important to consider the following points:

  • Look for comfortable clothes: Remember that these events last several hours and you’re going to move, walk, eat and dance. Choose stretchy fabrics, cotton, knits, and even stretch lace. All of them are great for being on the go.
  • Opt for fresh fabrics: The most comfortable are those with open, light and breathable fabrics.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: A practical tip is to bring an extra pair of shoes or fashion-style sneakers in case your feet get swollen or tired.

With these premises, you can now put together your elegant outfit. We’ll give you some recommendations.

The colors that feel best

This option depends on the time of year of the wedding and also if the event is during the day or at night.

For daytime weddings, choose light colors, such as green and pink, which are the most appropriate throughout the year. For weddings that take place in the evening, classic black or violet-based tones give a very sophisticated touch and also complement your figure.

pregnantA pregnant woman wearing a black cocktail dress.
Pregnant women radiate a special glow. Take advantage of the occasion to be the most beautiful guest!

Prints, yes or no?

The combinations of different tones in prints are a fashion trend in dresses for pregnant women, especially for those who like the romantic style. In this case, we recommend a floral print in dark or neutral colors.

Avoid geometric prints or those with colors that are too garish.

Styles and models

If you like to wear loose oversize style clothes, you’ll surely choose loose-fitting dresses or sets that prioritize your comfort.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more classic style, look for clothes that mark your curves and even your beautiful belly, which will be the protagonist!

An option to accompany a modern, casual, and urban style is to use a jumpsuit, with elegant colors such as blue, black, or white. Or also, encourage yourself to combine two sober pieces, such as a wide blouse and comfortable pants or skirt.

Especially for pregnant women: The empire cut

If your belly already has a considerable volume, the empire cut is the perfect model for your body. And the best thing is that this applies to a short or long dress or boho chic style blouses, which are so colorful and vaporous.

Custom designs

Outside of the traditional models, there’s an opportunity to have a unique design, especially if you’re a fan of fashion. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you put aside your essence and style! Remember what the great Yves Saint Laurent said:

“Finding your own style isn’t easy, but once you find it, it brings you complete happiness. It gives you self-confidence, always.”

If you like the oriental style, look for a mid-length kimono-type dress made of natural silk and lantern sleeves. The bow is perfect above the belly!

On the other hand, if you can opt for satin fabric dresses that look like an elegant nightgown, and therefore, is very comfortable and, at the same time, super glamorous.

Finally, if you like ethnic fashion, look for handmade dresses for pregnant women that combine embroidery, prints, and endless exotic and colorful interventions. In general, they’re wide models that are specially designed for spring or summer.

Shoes: More than just fashion and style

Having comfortable feet is essential for everyone, but for a pregnant woman, it’s even more important. For this reason, we recommend that if you’re going to attend a wedding, you opt for models with square and low heels or directly for shoes without heels.

It’s crucial to wear your shoes several days before the wedding and not go to the party wearing them for the first time to avoid the appearance of blisters on your feet.

Accessories: A pinch of brightness and originality

Fashion accessories can dress up any basic garment.
Fashion accessories can dress up any basic garment.

Accessories are an important part of your look, and if you’re pregnant and you didn’t have many occasions to choose a dress, this is your chance to stand out!

In the case that glam is your thing, a long golden necklace and earrings will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re more classic, a beautiful pearl necklace can mark your style.

Other accessories that can enhance your outfit are handbags and clutches, as well as hats, hats, headdresses, and fascinators.

Dressing for a wedding if you are pregnant: final tips

Right now you are going through one of the most incredible stages of your life and the best thing is to enjoy it fully.

You already have enough to take care of yourself in your meals to maintain a healthy weight, do exercises to strengthen the muscles for childbirth, and plan your next few months with newly released motherhood. But it is also time to have fun and highlight your natural beauty, which gives you a radiant expression and a special light.

Now you know how to dress for a wedding if you are pregnant and what clothes should you choose. All you have to do is put together a look according to your style and personality!

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