36 Names for Girls Inspired by Songs

Want a melodic choice for the future queen of the house? Don't miss the best names for girls inspired by songs.
36 Names for Girls Inspired by Songs
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

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Last update: 08 February, 2023

Ready to find out your little girl’s future name? If either of the parents or family members is a musician, composer, or is passionate about sheet music, surely these names for girls inspired by songs will make you fall in love with them. Don’t miss them!

List of names for girls inspired by girls

Here are some of the names for girls inspired by songs that have gone down in history. But not only that. This list also includes musical terms that mark the creation process of musicians and artists. And, in addition, it also includes the names of some artists that are related to great successes.

Names for girls inspired by songs, from A to D

  1. Aida: refers to the opera, which tells the story of love and betrayal, set in Ancient Egypt and composed by Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian composer.
  2. Alba: Antonio Flores dedicated a song with the same name to his daughter. In this regard, it refers to “the dawn.”
  3. Aliyah: of Arabic origin, it means “sublime.” This is the name of a song composed by one of the first all-female Afrobeat bands, Funmilayo Afrobeat Orquestra.
  4. Allegra: in music, this term is used to mark time. At the same time, it’s an Irish name that means “cheerful.”
  5. Angie: a diminutive of Angela, it alludes to the “messenger”. It’s also the name of one of the Rolling Stones’ songs.
  6. Aria: in Hebrew, it means “lioness”. In music, as alluded to in an article published by Cambridge University Press, it refers to the long, operatic piece for the solo voice in operas.
  7. Harmony: alludes to the multiple complementary notes played together to create a beautiful sound.
  8. Cadence: alludes to “beat” or “rhythm”. In music, it’s the melody that occurs at the end of a song.
  9. Calliope: in Greek mythology, it means “beautiful voice.” In this regard, it also refers to an organ-like keyboard instrument.
  10. Caroline: Harry Styles and Neil Diamond are just some of the artists who’ve been inspired by this Germanic option for their songs. It alludes to “she who is strong.”
  11. Celeste: this name alludes to a musical instrument that’s small and celestial and is similar to a piano. Laura Pausini has a song called Así celeste, which is beautiful.
  12. Delilah: the bands Plain White T’s and Florence and The Machine have songs with the English variant of Delilah as their title. In this regard, it symbolizes “she who holds the key.”
A young girl smiling and playing the piano.

Names for girls inspired by songs, from E to L

  1. Eleanor: the English variant of Eleonor, Greek for “compassion.” Eleanor Rigby, from The Beatles, made more than one parent fall in love with this name.
  2. Euphony: the Egyptian DJ duo Aly & Fila are the producers of a song called Euphony, which has a lot of rhythm!
  3. Fiona: from Irish, it refers to a “righteous” person. There are several artists who have been persuaded by this option. Among them, the group Arctic Monkeys stands out, with their song Cigarette Smoker Fiona.
  4. Grace: refers to a “little ornament”. In this regard, the singer MIKA has a beautiful song called Grace Kelly.
  5. Gwen: a diminutive of Gwendolyn, it’s the name of a Julio Iglesias song and means “white circle.”
  6. Isabel: alludes to the “promise of God.” This beautiful Hebrew name inspired a song by Luis Miguel.
  7. Jenny: the song Jenny was a friend of mine, by The Killers, gave strength to this Welsh name, which alludes to the one who’s “white as sea foam.”
  8. Laura: artists such as Frank Sinatra gave this Latin name its full glory.
  9. Layla: Eric Clapton’s song with the same Arabic name also alludes to its meaning: “the night.”
  10. Linda: the song of the same name by Miguel Bosé also alludes to a ‘pretty’ girl. Undoubtedly, this is what all parents think of their daughter when they see her for the first time.
  11. Lola: the groups Café Quijano and The Kinks allude to this beautiful name, which comes from Dolores, in allusion to the virgin’s pain when her son was crucified.
  12. Lucía: Joan Manuel Serrat made this name a musical landmark. In Latin, it alludes to “she who was born in the light of day.”
  13. Lucy: Lucy in the sky with diamonds is one of the most popular songs by The Beatles.
  14. Lydian: a reference to a musical mode resembling a major scale.
A teenage girl playing the guitar.

Names for girls inspired by songs, from L to Z

  1. Maria: this is one of the names preferred by parents. It also gives its name to songs by famous authors such as Ricky Martin, Blondie, David Bisbal, and Carlos Santana.
  2. Marta: Marta tiene un marcapasos (Marta has a pacemaker) is a hit from the Spanish group Hombres G. This name, of Aramaic origin, means “lady.”
  3. Melody: this word alludes to the backbone of a song. Therefore, it’s a perfect, precious, and musical name for a girl.
  4. Penelope: of Greek origin and meaning “weaver,” this option has inspired the famous song by Joan Manuel Serrat.
  5. Rhiannon: the band Fleetwood Mac gave this name to one of their musical pieces. It comes from Welsh and refers to a “great queen or goddess”.
  6. Roxanne: the group The Police brought this name of Latin origin to the top. It alludes to “she who’s as beautiful as a rose.”
  7. Ruby: bands such as Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, and The Rolling Stones have managed to see the beauty of this “red and precious stone.”
  8. Salome: in Hebrew, it refers to “the one finished perfectly.” If you’re a Chayanne fan, you’ll love this option for the future queen of the house.
  9. Sara: alludes to a “princess” and is a name that inspired the Fleetwood Mac song.
  10. Suzanne: a famous Leonard Cohen song also symbolizes the “white lily flower”.

The musical notes in this list have a melody you’ll never forget: Your daughter’s name

“Melodies possess the power to transport us to the past. That’s why music awakens memories.”

Cardozo, Y (2020)

Behind this statement lies the essence of why you should choose any of these names for your little girl. Songs and great musicians who’ve gone down in history for conveying emotions are timeless. So, if you want your little one to receive this precious imprint forever, don’t hesitate to choose any of these options.

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