76 Girl Names of Slavic Origin

Whatever the connection you have with any of the Slavic-speaking countries, don't miss the best girl names of Slavic origin.
76 Girl Names of Slavic Origin
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Last update: 18 January, 2024

In some cases, choosing the right name for the baby on the way is no easy task. However, it’s likely that, if you draw inspiration from your family roots or from countries that have touched your heart, you’ll find the answer you’ve been waiting for so long. From this perspective, we want to suggest the following girl names of Slavic origin that won’t disappoint you. Take note!

Selected list with the best girl names of Slavic origin

A name is a person’s letter of introduction. They receive it from the moment they come into the world and it’s chosen by their parents with a lot of love and affection. According to this thought, if you haven’t yet opted for any, don’t miss these options.

In order for a baby to be born as a subject, that is, a being constituted by language, it has previously had to do so in the symbolic universe of its parents. And that usually happens even before birth, when their parents begin to think about them and name them“.

Pau Martínez Farrero (2017)

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Girl names of Slavic origin, from A to I

  1. Alionka: Thought to come from Elena. However, it also carries the meaning of “red.”
  2. Belisaria: Means “white princess.”
  3. Borísovna: means “fighter.”
  4. Boyka: The feminine version of the name Boyko, which alludes to “one who’s afraid in battle.”
  5. Brana: Comes from the verb “to protect.”
  6. Christal: Alludes to a “Christian” girl.
  7. Cueta: As the name of an area of Spain.
  8. Danica: Refers to the “morning star.”
  9. Darinka: The feminine form of Darío.
  10. Desislava: Refers to “she who seeks glory.”
  11. Dobra: Meaning “good.”
  12. Drabkina: Symbolizes “sympathy.”
  13. Dusa: Means “soul.”
  14. Galia: Means “light”
  15. Helga: A variant of Olga. Therefore, it alludes to the “saint.”
  16. Iskra: A popular name in Russia. It alludes to a “sparkle.”
A Slavic girl sitting on a bench by the coast.
Countries such as Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Russia are lands of Slavic languages with precious options for naming girls.

Girl names of Slavic origin, from I to J

  1. Ivana: The feminine form of Ivan.
  2. Ivania: Russian form of Joan, alluding to “the Lord is good.”
  3. Kaia: Means “pure.”
  4. Kalina: Symbolizes the “rowan tree.”
  5. Ksiusha: Is the Ukrainian variant of Ksenia.
  6. Kueta: means “flower.”
  7. Lenka: Alludes to one who “takes something,” but also refers to a person “who shines.”
  8. Liuba: In line with the previous option, it has the same meaning.
  9. Liubov: Alludes to one who is a “love.”
  10. Liuda: Symbolizes the girl who is “loved by people.”
  11. Lubiana: The perfect name for a “beloved woman.”
  12. Ludmila: Refers to “she who’s loved by the people.”
  13. Jagoda: Means “berry.”
  14. Jara: Alludes to “spring.”
  15. Jessica: Of Slavic origin, it’s the feminine diminutive of Jesé.
  16. Jessie: In line with the previous option, it’s the diminutive of Jessica.
  17. Jitka: Refers to a “Jewish woman.” In this regard, it’s also thought to be a diminutive of Judith.

Girl names of Slavic origin, from K to N

  1. Kostka: This is one of the forms of Constancia.
  2. Mila: Is the diminutive of Miliana. For this reason, it carries the same meaning.
  3. Milena: Come from Milú, which means “dear.” In addition, it also refers to a queen of Montenegro.
  4. Mileva: Alludes to the girl who is “graceful.”
  5. Miliana: Symbolizes the little girl who’s “loving and affectionate.”
  6. Militza: Refers to a “kind” person.
  7. Milka: Alludes to the person who is “hardworking.”
  8. Milusa: Represents a little girl who is “good.”
  9. Mira: Means “peace.”
  10. Mirjana: A variant of the name Miriam.
  11. Mirna: The perfect name for one who is “peaceful and glorious.”
  12. Miroslava: The feminine variant of Miroslav. Therefore, it means “glory, full of peace.”
  13. Miruna: Means “peaceful.”
  14. Nadia:  It alludes to ‘hope’ and that is why it may be related to the previous option.
  15. Nadiezhda: Means “hope.”
  16. Nadina: For a girl “who maintains hope.”
  17. Neda: For a girl “who was born on Sunday.”
A little blonde girl sitting on a doorstep in an old village.
If you have Slavic roots or you feel attracted to any of these options, you’ll find a beautiful name for your girl.

Slavic girl names, from O to V

  1. Olua: Of Scandinavian origin, it alludes to a “sacred” person.
  2. Rada: Refers to a little girl who is “cheerful.”
  3. Riba: A Slavic name that alludes to “fish.”
  4. Rivka: The variant of the Hebrew name Rebeca. Therefore, it also means “to blind.”
  5. Rodica: Derived from the Slavic language, its popularity in Romania is high. It means “fertile.”
  6. Ruslánovna: On the one hand, this name is thought to come from Russia. On the other, it could come from Turkish and refer to the strength of the “lion.”
  7. Slava: Means “fame, glory”. Also, this is a unisex option that, according to etymology experts, is popular in Russia and Ukraine.
  8. Snezana: Alludes to a “snow woman.”
  9. Sorana: Symbolizes the “beautiful dawn.”
  10. Sveta: The diminutive of the name that follows.
  11. Svetlana: means “light, holy or strong.”
  12. Tihana: Is especially popular in Serbia and Croatia. It alludes to a girl who is “calm.”
  13. Vera: Means “faith.”
  14. Verania: Means “brave girl.” On the other hand, in Ukraine, it’s the form for Vera.
  15. Verushka: In line with the previous options, this is a variant of Vera. Hence, it means “truth”.

Girl names of Slavic origin, from V to Z

  1. Vesela: Represents a little girl who is “cheerful.”
  2. Vesna: Symbolizes the beauty of “spring.”
  3. Waleska: A variant of the masculine name Ladislao. Therefore, it alludes to a “glorious lady.”
  4. Yarmilla: Alludes to a “market seller.”
  5. Zarina: Means “empress” and is a very popular name in Yugoslavia.
  6. Zlata: Alludes to a little one who’s “golden.”
  7. Ziva: Means “alive.”
  8. Zora: Alludes to the “dawn.”
  9. Zoritza: Means “star, dawn.”
  10. Zoria: In line with the previous option, it also means “star, dawn.”
  11. Zywia: In line with the previous option, it’s another name to celebrate “life.”

Choose any of these Slavic names for your little girl

If these options have touched your heart, we recommend you go with your instinct and choose the one that has caught your attention. Without a doubt, you’ll be right. In addition, if you have a special bond with any of the above-mentioned areas that speak a Slavic language, it’s likely that one of them has touched your soul and you’ve felt a special connection.

However, if this isn’t yet the case and none of them have captured your heart, don’t worry. On our site, we have many more lists that will surprise you for sure. All of them are based on and inspired by different themes, such as letters, countries, or cities, just to name a few. Don’t miss them!

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