106 Twin Baby Names

Are you expecting a set of twins and don't know what to name them? We'll recommend the most popular twin baby names.
106 Twin Baby Names
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

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Last update: 18 May, 2023

Although they’ll be born on the same day, the truth is that each twin will have their own personality. Therefore, the choice of what to name them should be individual. With that in mind, we recommend you opt for some of the popular twin baby names from this list in case you’re still unsure.

In addition, we’ll also recommend some names that start with the same letter or that rhyme with each other. Parents who are expecting twins usually want original, fun, and lively options. So, take note!

For future moms who are expecting a boy and a girl, we’ll start off by offering the most popular choices among parents who are in this same situation. In this regard, the names that appear the most among twins of the opposite sex are Emma and Sofia for girls and the options of Jacob and William for boys.

  1. Abigail and Benjamin
  2. Abigail and Jacob
  3. Addison and Jackson
  4. Aiden and Emma
  5. Alejandro and Sofia
  6. Andrew and Emma
  7. Annabelle and Leonardo
  8. Carlota and Marcos
  9. Dorothy and Jack
  10. Ella and Jackson
  11. Jack and Emma
  12. Emma and Jacob
  13. Emma and James
  14. Ryan and Emma
  15. Emma and William
  16. Erica and Jonathan
  17. Isabel and William
  18. Jacob and Oliva
  19. Jacob and Sara
  20. Lucille and Hudson
  21. Molly and Oliver
  22. Nicolas and Sofia
  23. Noah and Sofia
  24. Samantha and Jake
  25. Sofia and William
Twin baby boys.

If you’re expecting two boys, take note of the following most popular twin baby names. Each of them reflects options with a lot of personality that combine perfectly because of their origin and meaning:

  1. Alexander and Edmund: While Alexander comes from Greek, Edmund is from Old English. However, both have the same meaning: ‘Defender of man’ or ‘rich protector’.
  2. Arthur and Leon: Both are of Latin origin and allude to a little boy who’s ‘brave’.
  3. Asher and Felix: the former is of Jewish origin, while Felix is Latin. Both allude to a little one who is ‘lucky and blessed’.
  4. Cameron and Mateo: The first name has its origin in an ancient Scottish clan. The second is Hebrew and alludes to the ‘gift of God’.
  5. Cyrus and Samson: of Persian and Hebrew roots, they allude to the ‘bright sun’.
  6. Dylan and Gillian: Dylan comes from Welsh and means ‘tide’. On the other hand, Gillian alludes in Old English to a ‘son of the gods’.
  7. Eliodoro and Elio: of Greek and Spanish origins, both mean ‘gift of the sun’.
  8. Emilio and Mateo: the Hebrew name Mateo combines perfectly with Emilio, which comes from Etruscan.
  9. Philip and David: of Hebrew and Greek origins, they allude to ‘beloved’ children.
  10. Frederick and Milo: both options come from Germanic roots and allude to a ‘merciful one’ and ‘peaceful ruler’.
  11. Louis and Walter: the first option is German and the second is French. In this regard, one is the ‘ruler of the army’ and the other is a ‘warrior of renown’.
  12. Matthew and Theodore: the first comes from Hebrew and the second from Greek. However, both allude to a ‘gift of God’.
  13. Orlando and Rodrigo: these names both have Italian and Spanish roots. However, one alludes to the ‘famous ruler’, while the other refers to one who is ‘famous everywhere’.

On the other hand, if you’re expecting the two future queens of the house, don’t miss the following popular names for twin baby girls. Each reflects the girls’ own individuality, while together, they create an unbreakable bond.

  1. Olivia and Sophia: one voice comes from Latin and the other from Greek. In this regard, they refer to ‘wise’ girls with natural connotations.
  2. Gabriella and Isabella: both names are of Hebrew origin and allude to those ‘sent, chosen, and loved by God’.
  3. Madison and Morgan: while Madison means ‘good’, in English; the second option comes from Celtic to refer to ‘the person of the sea’.
  4. Mackenzie and Madison: the first option comes from Irish and alludes to one ‘born of fire’. In combination with Madison, it’s a beautiful combo for twin baby girls.
  5. Abigail and Isabella: both options are of biblical origin. Specifically, the first one refers to ‘the joy of the father’ and combines perfectly with the meaning of Isabella, which is derived from Elizabeth.
  6. Hailey and Hannah: Hailey comes from Old English and means ‘free of hay’. Because of its beautiful sound, it combines perfectly with the Hebrew option Hannah, which alludes to one who is ‘blessed by God’.
  7. Addison and Avery: the first option means ‘daughter of Adam’, while the second is the French variant that refers to a ‘wise’ person.
  8. Elizabeth and Emily: the Anglo-Saxon variant of the Hebrew name Elizabeth joins the Latin voice of Emily, which means ‘worker’.
  9. Ava and Mia: ‘the one who gives life’ and ‘the chosen one’ make a perfect match, as both options come from Hebrew roots.
  10. Cielo and Nevaeh: Cielo, the Spanish word for Heaven, is the ‘dwelling of God’ in Hebrew. On the other hand, Nevaeh comes from English and is a modern name created by spelling the word heaven backwards.
  1. London and Paris: two capitals and cities of unparalleled beauty. Don’t you think they’re perfect for your little girls’ names?
  2. Anna and Brianna: the Hebrew name of Anna (‘she who is full of grace’) meets the Gaelic option of Brianna (‘woman of great strength’).
  3. Abigail and Lillian: the English variant of Lilibeth (Elizabeth), ‘symbol of purity’; combines with the Hebrew name Abigail thanks to their common roots.
  4. Samantha and Sophia: the first name is a Hebrew option and refers to a girl ‘who knows how to listen’. On the other hand, Sophia comes from Greek to refer to one ‘who has wisdom’.
  5. Ella and Olivia: the first option comes from Old German and the second is of Latin origin. Both are beautiful and define ‘special women’.
  6. Annabella and Isabella: these names are of Hebrew origin and refer to women who are ‘full of grace, touched by God’.
  7. Chloe and Zoe: both names come from Greek. On the one hand, Chloe means ‘flourishing’, while Zoe alludes to a ‘woman who’s full of life’.
  8. Elizabeth and Victoria: the Hebrew name Elizabeth is one of the most popular twin baby names bar none In this regard, its English variant is an inspiration for parents and, combined with Victoria, a Latin name, achieves an unparalleled harmony.
  9. Julia and Sophia: the first, of Latin origin, alludes to ‘eternal youth’. Therefore, it combines perfectly with the Greek option of Sophia. Two ancient classic jewels.
  10. Natalie and Olivia: both are Latin names that allude to ‘Christmas Day’ and the ‘green’ color of olives.

Rhyming names

If you’re a parent who appreciates poetry, or you’d love for the duo to have something else in common, we suggest choosing one of these rhyming names. In addition to being original, they’re fun and add a wonderful touch of freshness. Take note!

  1. Tate and Kate
  2. Tristan and Kristen
  3. Bensen and Jensen
  4. Wylie and Riley
  5. Hudson and Judson
  6. Sam (Samuel) and Pam (Pamela)
  7. Finn and Quinn
  8. Wilson and Allison
  9. Brendon and Glyndon

Names that begin with the same letter for a more striking sound

If you want the future little ones of the house to have names that begin with the same letter, we recommend choosing them only if the babies are of opposite sexes. The main reason would be that, when signing or carrying out any administrative procedure, confusion could be created, since both would carry the same initials throughout their lives.

However, if you still want to create a common bond based on the first letters of their names, this is a great opportunity to do so.

A father looking at his twin babies in their crib.

From A to I

  1. Abigail and Alejander
  2. Abigail and Andrew
  3. Addison and Ava
  4. Aiden and Addison
  5. Addison and Austin
  6. Aiden and Ava
  7. Brandon and Briana
  8. Brian and Briana
  9. Chloe and Claire
  10. Chloe and Christian
  11. Delaney and Dylan
  12. Eli and Ella
  13. Elisa and Elias
  14. Ella and Emma
  15. Emilio and Ethan
  16. Emma and Ethan
  17. Emma and Evan
  18. Isaac and Isabel
  19. Isabel and Isaiah

J to Z

  1. Jada and Jade
  2. Jada and Jaden
  3. Jayda and Jayden
  4. Jayla and Jaylen
  5. Kayla and Kylie
  6. Lily and Logan
  7. Lily and Lyle
  8. Madison and Mason
  9. Matthew and Madison
  10. Madison and Michael
  11. Michel and Michelle
  12. Naomi and Noah
  13. Natalia and Nathan
  14. Oliver and Oliva
  15. Olivia and Owen
  16. Paige and Payton
  17. Samuel and Sofia
  18. Taylor and Tyler
  19. Valentina and Valeria
  20. Zachary and Zoe

The excitement that parents feel when expecting two real jewels that will illuminate their lives completely is incomparable. We hope you’ve finally chosen the options that have captivated you the most from this list.

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