29 Boy Names Inspired by Songs

Looking for a unique and melodic option for your child? Don't miss the best boy names inspired by songs that we'll share in today's article.
29 Boy Names Inspired by Songs
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Last update: 27 June, 2023

Are you looking for boy names inspired by songs? If so, you can’t miss the following list that we’ve put together that’s based not only on songs that have gone down in history, but also on elements of the composition of melodies or musical legends that have created authentic works of art.

So, if you want your little one to have an artistic imprint, take note of the following options.

The most musical names for boys based on great songs

“Melodies possess the power to transport us to the past. That’s why music awakens memories.”

Cardozo, Y (2020)

Boy names inspired by songs, from A to F

  1. Adam: This name of Hebrew origin refers to the first man created by God. However, it’s also inspired by Adam’s Song, a Blink 182 song.
  2. Alexander: Alludes, in Greek, to the “protector of men”. It achieved its recognition in the music world thanks to Lady Gaga’s famous song.
  3. Amadeus: This name is associated with Mozart. In Latin, it alludes to the “love of God”. The Austrian singer and musician Falco created the song Rock Me Amadeus in his honor.
  4. Andy: The diminutive of Andrew (“strong man”) is included in this list for inspiring the song Andy, you’re a star, by The Killers.
  5. Apollo: Alludes to the Greek god of music and harmony in the universe, one of the twelve gods of Olympus. For this reason, songs such as the one by the band Timebelle have been named after him.
  6. Ben: Michael Jackson made a world-renowned song with this name. Ben is the diminutive of Benjamin, which in Hebrew means “son of the right hand”.
  7. Brio: This name alludes to one who has “a lot of energy and enthusiasm”. La Ramona, a blues and rock singer from Bogota, gave this name to one of her hits.
  8. Calypso: This name symbolizes a musical genre from the West Indies. In this regard, according to an article published in 2021 by the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, it’s thought to have been developed by Africans as a means of communication. In addition, Calypso was a song by Luis Fonsi that became a hit in the summer of 2018.
  9. Cooper: Refers to the process by which the sound of rock and roll is shaped.
  10. Daniel: Elton John was inspired by the Hebrew name, meaning “God is my judge”, to create his song with the same name.
  11. Dorian: This name alludes to a musical mode similar to the modern natural minor scale.
  12. Aeneas: The name of the character from the Iliad also served as inspiration for Henry Purcell, English baroque composer, when he wrote Dido and Aeneas.
  13. Fernando: This is one of the most popular songs of the famous Swedish quartet ABBA. Regarding the origin of the name, it comes from Germanic to refer to “he who is bold”.
A young boy playing the keyboard.

Names for boys inspired by songs, from G to P

  1. Harrison: Alludes to “Harry’s son”. In this regard, George Harrison, lead guitarist of The Beatles, is one of the most renowned songwriters of all time.
  2. Joe: Inspired by the famous Jimi Hendrix song. In English, Joe is one of the diminutives of Joseph. Therefore, it means “Yahweh will add”.
  3. John: Taylor Swift was inspired by the name John to write the song Dear John. In this regard, it means “God is merciful”.
  4. Jude: This name, of Hebrew origin, means “praised” and is inspired by the famous song Hey Jude, by The Beatles.
  5. Lyric: This is a very original name that alludes to the words of a song.
  6. Mickey: This is the English form of Michael, which comes from the Hebrew name that means “he who is like God”. On the other hand, it gives its name to the famous song performed by Toni Basil.
  7. Octavio: This option refers to the octave interval, a series of eight notes that separate one musical tone from another with twice the frequency. As a diminutive, one can use the name Oti.
  8. Piper: The group ABBA has a song called The Piper. It also refers to “one who plays the flute”.

Musical names for males, from Q to Z

  1. Raga: Alludes to the name “melody” in Sanskrit.
  2. Reed: Comes from Irish and refers to the thin, small material placed against the mouthpiece of a musical instrument.
  3. Roberto: In the song Alejandro, by Lady Gaga, the renowned singer also names this option, whose origin is Germanic and refers to the one who “shines for his fame”.
  4. Rock: This name comes from rock and roll, the musical genre born in the United States. By the 8th century, the term rocca appeared in Vulgar Latin, which is believed to come from Celtic.
  5. Tallis: In Old French, it means “forest”. Samuel Lindon, the famous pianist, has a song entitled Tallis One, great for a beautiful melody.
  6. Tom: This was the inspiration for two famous songs: Major Tom, by Peter Schilling, and Tom’s Diner, by Suzanne Vega. In this regard, it’s the diminutive of Thomas, which in Aramaic alludes to “twin”.
  7. Vincent: Don McLean made a song with the same name. Vincent is the English variant of the Latin word for “victory”.
  8. Wolfgang: The South Korean group Stray kids paid homage to Mozart’s first name with this song. Of German origin, it alludes to the “traveling wolf”.
A young boy playing the trumpet.

Get into the beat and choose one of these boy names inspired by songs

Are you looking for the perfect choice? Then why not choose one based on your tastes or family tradition? In this regard, if one of the parents or family members is a musician, it’s likely that one of these options has touched your heart and you’ve already found the right name for the future king of the house.

However, if you still feel that you haven’t found the right one, think about your tastes and what you want your little one to reflect throughout their life. At You Are Mom, we offer all sorts of suggestions according to the themes you prefer, such as nature, gods, kings, history, countries, sports, or even television series. You can also search by a particular letter, so don’t miss the most spectacular lists! We wish you the best of luck in your search!

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