133 Baby Names that Mean Light and Hope

Are you looking for a name for your future baby? Here's a compilation of names that mean light and hope. Take note or your favorites!
133 Baby Names that Mean Light and Hope
Mara Amor López

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Last update: 16 December, 2022

There are many parents who, when they find out they’re going to be parents, look for a name with a special meaning. Some of them refer to nature or love or begin with a certain letter. That’s why today we’re going to share with you the most beautiful names that mean light and hope.

The choice of these names can have different backgrounds. Lately, we’re living through hard times, and light and hope are what keep us strong. Likewise, they can be nice names for those parents who’ve tried intensely for a baby and finally got one. Whatever the reason may be that’s inspired you to choose a name that means like and hope, we’re going to give you some ideas below.

Boy names that mean light and hope

If you already know that you’re expecting a boy, you can’t miss this list of boy names that mean light and hope. A beautiful name for a beautiful gift: Your future son.

Names for boys: From A to E

  1. Aaron: of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is ‘enlightened’.
  2. Abner: of Hebrew origin, it means ‘my father is light’.
  3. Adalberto: this is a name of Germanic origin and it means ‘the one who shines for his nobility’.
  4. Akira: a Japanese unisex name that means ‘brilliant’.
  5. Alberto: means ‘noble, brilliant’.
  6. Alnair: derived from Arabic and means ‘brilliant’.
  7. Anuar: derived from Anwar, it’s a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘most brilliant’.
  8. Aurelio: this name is of Latin origin and means ‘golden, shining’.
  9. Biel: a Catalan diminutive of Gabriel, meaning ‘the strength of God’.
  10. Dagobert: of Germanic origin, its meaning is ‘he who shines like the sun‘.
  11. Dagomar or Dagmar: a unisex Danish name meaning ‘brilliant’, ‘illustrious’.
  12. Elenio: of Greek origin, meaning ‘he who shines like the sun’.
  13. Elian: of Hebrew origin, its meaning is also ‘God strengthens’.
  14. Ezekiel: this is a name of Hebrew origin and means ‘God strengthens’.

Names for boys: From G to K

  1. Gilberto: a name of German origin that means ‘bright promise’.
  2. Gisli: of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘a ray of sunshine’.
  3. Hikaru: of Japanese origin, it means ‘light, brightness’.
  4. Hilario: of Latin origin, its meaning is ‘cheerful’.
  5. Humbert: of Germanic origin, it means ‘bright as a bear’.
  6. Ikki: of Japanese origin, it means “the one who shines”.
  7. Iri: of Hebrew origin, means ‘light, fire’.
  8. Itzé: of Mayan origin, meaning ‘dawn’.
  9. Jairo: this name is also of Hebrew origin and it means ‘the one who shines’.
  10. Janus or Jano: a name of Greek origin, meaning ‘bright as the sun’.
  11. Kenzo: of Japanese origin, its meaning is ‘strong and healthy’.
  12. Kibou: a Japanese name meaning ‘hope’.
  13. Kiram: of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘ray of sunshine’.

Names for boys that mean light and hope: From L to O

  1. Leonardo: of Germanic origin, its meaning is ‘he who’s strong like a lion’.
  2. Lluc: a Catalan name meaning ‘light’.
  3. Luc: a French name, meaning ‘light’.
  4. Lucian: a name that comes from Latin and from the name Luciano. Its meaning is ‘born in the light of day’.
  5. Lucio: a name that comes from Latin and means ‘light, clarity’.
  6. Lukyan: of Russian origin, it means ‘light’.
  7. Melchior: another Hebrew name, meaning ‘the king of light’.
  8. Melker: is Swedish for Melchior and also means ‘the king of light’.
  9. Meyer: this name is Hebrew and means ‘light bearer’.
  10. Morgan: this is a Welsh name whose meaning is ‘shining ocean’.
  11. Nazarius: with a Hebrew origin, this name means ‘blossom, bud’.
  12. Norbert: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘man of the bright north’.
  13. Ori: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘my light’.
  14. Oriel: also of Hebrew origin, means ‘my light is God’.
  15. Osbert: of English origin, this name means ‘divinely bright’.
  16. Osvaldo: a Germanic name whose meaning is ‘shining people’.

Names for boys: From P to Z

  1. Philbert: of German origin, it means ‘very bright’.
  2. Renato: of Latin origin, it means ‘reborn’.
  3. Roberto or Robert: like the previous name, it’s of Germanic origin and means ‘he who shines for his fame’.
  4. Sam: a diminutive of the name Samson, meaning ‘son of the sun, the shining sun’.
  5. Teobert: of Germanic origin, meaning ‘shining people’.
  6. Umi: of Egyptian origin, meaning ‘life’.
  7. Umut: a name of Turkish origin, meaning ‘hope’.
  8. Uriel: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is my light’.
  9. Vidal: a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘pertaining to life’.
  10. Vito: of Latin origin, its meaning is ‘he who gives life’.
  11. Yahir: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘he shines’.
  12. Yaniv: of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘he will prosper’.
  13. Yurem: of Arabic origin, it means “enlightened by God”.
  14. Zareth: this name is of Indo-European origin and means ‘radiance of the dawn’.
  15. Zeus: comes from Greek mythology and means ‘bright’, ‘sky’, ‘day’, and ‘light’.
A baby sleeping on a crochet hammock surrounding by floating cotton clouds.
Dawn is synonymous with a new beginning, and that, without a doubt, represents hope.

Girl names that mean light and hope

Now it’s time for girl names that mean light and hope.

Names for boys: From A to Z

  1. Abigail: this name of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘source of joy’.
  2. Ailana: a Finnish name, whose meaning is ‘light bearer’.
  3. Aine: this is a Galician name and it means ‘radiance’.
  4. Alba: a Latin name meaning ‘dawn, the one born with the first light of dawn’.
  5. Amal: of Arabic origin, it means ‘hope’.
  6. Arinka: this is Irene in Russian and it means ‘peace’.
  7. Azahara: is an Arabic name whose meaning is ‘a luminous, beautiful person like a flower’.
  8. Bethia: this is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘life’.
  9. Bianca: this name is of Italian origin and its meaning is ‘brilliant woman’.
  10. Blanca: a name of Germanic origin, it means ‘pure, brilliant’.
  11. Elena:name of Greek origin, it means ‘shining’.
  12. Eliana: of Hebrew origin, it’s the feminine name of Helios, whose meaning is ‘sun’.
  13. Ella: of English origin, it’s the short form of Hellen or Ellen and means ‘torch or light’.
  14. Emma: a Germanic name, it has several meanings ‘strong, great, immense, powerful’.
  15. Esmeralda: this name comes from Smeragda, is of Latin origin, and means ‘she who radiates purity’ and ‘she who has hope’.
  16. Esperanza: a Latin name, meaning ‘hope’.
  17. Irina: a Russian name variant of Irene, meaning ‘peace’.
  18. Lía: of Hebrew origin, its meaning is ‘bearer of good news’.
  19. Lucia: a name meaning ‘light’.
  20. Luna: of Latin origin, it means ‘to illuminate, to shine’.
  21. Nadia/Nadya: this name is of Russian origin and means ‘hope’.
  22. Nadine: a French name, also meaning ‘hope’.
  23. Natsuki: of Japanese origin and, like the previous ones, it means ‘hope’.
  24. Olivia: a Latin name, which means ‘she who brings peace’.
  25. Selena: a name of Greek origin , it refers to the moon and to brightness.
  26. Svetlana: of Russian origin, it means ‘star’.
  27. Umay: a Turkish name meaning ‘hope’.
  28. Yelena: a Russian variant of Elena, it means ‘bright, shining’.
  29. Zaria: a Russian name, it means ‘dawn’.
  30. Zoe/Zoey: of Greek origin, its meaning is ‘life’.
A newborn baby sleeping with a tiny crown on her head.
Choosing a girl’s name that symbolizes light and hope is a very nice option for these difficult times.

About names that mean light and hope

Perhaps the name of your future baby is among this compilation of names that mean light and hope. In addition to having a beautiful and special meaning, you’ll have a very original choice.

The choice of a name is one of the most important decisions in parenthood, as it’ll be part of the identity of your little one. Therefore, it’s worth spending some time and choosing the perfect name for your child. Congratulations!

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