25 Girl Names of Ukrainian Origin

If you have a Slavic, Russian, or Polish surname, girl names or Ukrainian origin are just what you're looking for. Here's a list of them!
25 Girl Names of Ukrainian Origin

Last update: 19 November, 2021

What will you name your daughter? If you still have no idea and are looking for unusual options, we suggest this selection of girl names of Ukrainian origin. Theyre the result of a troubled history, successive occupations, and cultural amalgams.

Just the same, the result is a very attractive mix, of sweet names, extravagant pronunciations, and a great personality. Let’s get to know them!

Delve a little into Ukrainian culture

Ukraine is a young country with very ancient roots. It’s the cradle of the Rus, a group of Slavic tribes that formed a first confederation in the 9th century and that, together with the Varangian Vikings, formed a multi-ethnic state. In the chronicles about the first Slavic state this characteristic is evidenced:

“And Oleg established himself as a prince in Kiev. And Oleg said: ‘Let this be the mother of
Russian cities’. And they were with him Varangians, and Slovenians, and the rest, (and) were called Rus “.

-Néstor Chronicles-

Later, the Ukrainian territory was occupied by Mongols, the Cossacks, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, and Russia, until finally achieved its independence in 1991.

A town in the Ukraine.

List of names from A to L

Next, we’ll share some names of Ukrainian origin that begin with the first letters of the alphabet:

  • Aleksandra: the Ukrainian and feminine form of English Alexandra. It comes from the Greek alexein which means “to defend” and andros, which means “man”.
  • Anastasia: a name of Russian origin, which in turn comes from the Greek Anastasius. It’s strongly linked to the word anastais which means “resurrection”.
  • Anastasiya: the Ukrainian form of Anastasia.
  • Anna: a Ukrainian variant of Ana, from the Hebrew Channah.
  • Bogdana: a name of Slavic origin that means “made by the Lord”.
  • Dariya: comes from Daria, a feminine form of Dario, a name of Persian origin that comes from the word daraya or “possess”.
  • Daryna: is of Slavic origin and contains the prefix dar, which means “gift”.
  • Iryna: from the Russian Irina and the Greek Irene, which refers to a “woman of peace”. Irene was the daughter of Zeus and represented peace in Greek mythology.
  • Ivanna: a Russian translation of the name Juana.
  • Kateryna: the Ukrainian form of Catherine. This name comes from Hecate, the Greek goddess who Zeus allowed to retain her magical powers.
  • Klara: a Ukrainian variant of Clara, a feminine name that comes from the Latin clarus and that means “bright”.
  • Klarysa: another form of Klara.
  • Khrystyna: the Ukrainian translation of Christina, which comes from the Latin word christianus which means “follower or faithful to Christ”.
  • Larysa: a feminine name that’s used in Ukraine but that is of Greek origin and means “happy woman”.
  • Lyudmyla: from the Slavic Ludmila, it originated in the Slavic languages and its meaning is “the one who loves the people”.

List of names of Ukrainian origin from M to Z

If none of the above names captured your heart, rest easy. Here are more options from the second half of the alphabet:

  • Mariya: the Ukrainian and Russian form of Maria, a name that comes from the Hebrew Miryam.
  • Nataliya: comes from Natalia, who is of Russian origin. Natalia is also believed to come from the Latin natalis, which refers to the “day of birth or birthday”.
  • Natalka: Ukrainian diminutive of Natalia.
  • Oleksandra: another variant of Alexandra.
  • Olena: a feminine name that’s the Ukrainian form of the Greek Helena, which comes from Helios, the Greek god of the sun.
  • Sofiya: the equivalent of the English Sophia and Bulgarian Sofía, which comes from the Greek word sophos that refers to “wisdom”.
  • Svitlana: a name of Slavic origin that means “brilliant woman”.
  • Tamara: from the ancient Biblical Hebrew name Tamar.
  • Valentyna: a Ukrainian variant of Valentina, derived from the Latin valent, which refers to someone “healthy and strong”.
  • Zoya: a Russian and Ukrainian feminine name that’s equivalent to Zoe, which means “life” in ancient Greek.
A Ukrainian girl wearing traditional dress and holding a small blue and yellow heart.

Ukrainian girl names and other options to choose from

Finding names for girls related to a certain origin is good if you want your child’s first and last names not to clash. To help you out, on our site you can find names of Romanian, Japanese, Roman, or Basque origin, among others.

You also have other more unique options, such as names from TV series, Disney characters, or even Elvish names.

If you have other children waiting for their baby sister, involve them in this process and practice what they’re going to call her. And also, so that they learn to pronounce the name as soon as possible! Remember that some combinations of sounds are very different from those we handle in the English language.

Let’s start practicing as a family now!

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