135 Armenian Names for Girls

Discover the mysteries of the Caucasus. We'll present you with a selected list of the best Armenian names for girls.
135 Armenian Names for Girls
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

Reviewed and approved by the pediatrician Marcela Alejandra Caffulli.

Last update: 17 March, 2023

If you have a special bond with this country located between Europe and Asia, today you’re in luck. With your in mind, from Your Are Mom, we want to present you with a list of the best girls’ names of Armenian origin. Ready to fall in love? Take note!

Selected list of the 135 best Armenian names for girls

This territory has its roots in one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Endowed with a rich cultural heritage, it was the first nation to officially adopt Christianity in the early years of the fourth century (specifically, in 301 AD).

Therefore, the Christian faith plays a fundamental role in the identity of the Armenian people. So much so that this itself is represented in the names that parents choose for their daughters, which carry meanings directly linked to the word of God and their best wishes.

“Armenia’s conversion to Christianity was probably the most crucial step in its history. Armenia abruptly changed from its Iranian past which for centuries, with an intrinsic character, clearly identified the indigenous population as those outside its borders, almost at the same time, Armenia was identified as the first state to adopt Christianity.”

-Nina G, The Armenian People.

Armenian names for girls starting with the letter A

  • Aghavni: alludes to the ‘dove’ as a symbol of peace.
  • Agner: for one who shines like a ‘diamond’.
  • Aiki: means ‘vineyard’.
  • Almasd: like Agner, it also means ‘diamond’.
  • Anahid: is the Armenian form for Diana, ‘goddess of the moon’.
  • Ankhosig: for the girl who is ‘calm’.
  • Ankine: the perfect name to reflect the ‘precious’ treasure that is your daughter.
  • Anoush: means ‘sweet tempered’ and is one of the most beautiful variants is Anush.
  • Arev: alludes to the beauty of the ‘sun’.
  • Arevig: means ‘like the sun’.
  • Arousyag: alludes to the goddess Venus, ‘the morning star’.
  • Arkina: means ‘priceless’.
  • Armenouhie: refers to the ‘woman from Armenia’.
  • Arpi: means ‘light of the sun’.
  • Arpine: similar to Arpi, this longer name refers to the great star, the ‘Sun’.
  • Arsho: this is a variant of Arshalouys, meaning ‘dawn’.
  • Asdghig: alludes to the ‘little star’.
  • Azadouhi: means ‘free woman’. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful options on this list.
  • Azniv: for one who is ‘gentle’.
  • Arevalous: means ‘sunlight’.
  • Arshalous: alludes to the beauty of the ‘dawn’.
  • Artzouig: means ‘harrier’, a type of hawk.
A mountain in Armenia.
The beauty of a people that fuses cultures, reflected in these beautiful girls’ names.

Names: from the letter B to G

  • Barzig: alludes to a ‘plan’ that, in the future, must be carried out.
  • Baydzar: for the little girl who will be ‘clean and bright’.
  • Berjanoush: in this case, this name refers to a woman that is ‘elegant and good-natured’.
  • Berjouhi: also refers to an ‘elegant woman’.
  • Dalita: expresses the beauty and virtues of the ‘Virgin’.
  • Dikranouhi: perfect for any little girl, as it alludes to the ‘queen’ of the house.
  • Dzaghig: means ‘flower’.
  • Dziadzan: symbolizes the joy of the ‘rainbow’.
  • Dzovig: means ‘small sea’.
  • Emasdouh: refers to a ‘wise’ girl.
  • Gadara: in this case, the name refers to the girl who comes ‘from the top of the mountain’.
  • Gadarine: at the same time, this option alludes to a little girl who comes ‘from the top of the mountain’.
  • Gakavig: this name alludes to a ‘young partridge’.
  • Garine: this is the feminine of Garen, which means ‘guard, watchman’.
  • Gayane: although its meaning is unknown, this is one of the most popular choices in Armenia.

Names for girls: H through J

  • Hamesdouhi: for a little girl who is ‘modest’.
  • Hasmig: refers to ‘jasmine’.
  • Haverj: means ‘eternal’.
  • Heghnar: ‘deer’.
  • Hourher: refers to a girl who is ‘flame-haired’ or ‘red-haired’.
  • Hourig: means ‘little fire’.
  • Hurik: this name is similar to the previous option and carries the same meaning.
  • Hratchouhi: refers to a girl with ‘eyes of fire’.
  • Hreghen: means ‘beast’.
  • Jbdouhi: symbolizes a ‘smiling’ woman.

Names: K to L

  • Kaghtzrig: means ‘sweetheart’. Undoubtedly, it’s a precious and original name.
  • Keghanoush: refers to a girl who is ‘elegant and adorable’.
  • Keghetzig: alludes to a ‘beautiful’ woman.
  • Keghouhi: refers to ‘justice’.
  • Khatchouhi: symbolizes a ‘small cross’.
  • Khonarh: characterizes a ‘humble’ girl.
  • Kinevart: means ‘pink wine’.
  • Knarig: means ‘lyre’.
  • Knkoush: for one who is ‘tender’ when talking to others.
  • Kohar: symbolizes the beauty of a ‘jewel’.
  • Lala: from birth, she will be a real ‘doll’.
  • Lori: represents the ‘linden tree’.
  • Lousaper: means ‘abundance of light’.
  • Louseres: symbolizes the woman with the ‘shining face’.
  • Lousine: this name is a variant of Lucine.
  • Lousvart: means ‘rose of light’.
  • Lucine: means ‘moon’.

Armenian names for girls: M through O

  • Makrouhi: defines a ‘clean’ girl.
  • Manishag: refers to a true ‘violet flower’.
  • Maral: means ‘deer’ in Armenian. In this sense, it refers to the Caspian red deer.
  • Margaid: is the traditional Margarita, so it also refers to a precious ‘pearl’.
  • Markrid: like the previous option, it’s also a variant of Margarita.
  • Marmar: symbolizes the purity of ‘marble’.
  • Mayranoush: means ‘sweet mother’. For this reason, it’s one of the most beautiful and special names on this list.
  • Medakse: means ‘silky’.
  • Meghranoush: for a little girl who is ‘sweet as honey’.
  • Nairi: defines a girl who comes ‘from Armenia’. Therefore, she’ll forever keep her origins in her name.
  • Nargiz: refers to the ‘daffodil’.
  • Nazani: for a ‘delicate’ and sweet woman.
  • Nazeli: means ‘pretty’.
  • Negdar: alludes to ‘nectar’.
  • Noushig: refers to a ‘small almond’.
  • Nouver: for a baby that’s considered a ‘gift’. No wonder it’s one of the most popular choices for parents in Armenia.
  • Ovsanna: this is the Armenian form of the Greek Hosana, meaning ‘deliver us’.
A pregnant woman wearing a black cocktail dress.
Your future girl’s name is very special. So be inspired by those roots that reflect your history and what truly represents you.

Names: from P to S

  • Palasan: means ‘balm’.
  • Patil: refers to a small ‘snowflake’. So, if you’re hoping to give birth in winter, it may be the perfect name for your daughter.
  • Pavagan: means ‘enough’.
  • Payl: means ‘bright’, ‘giving off a lot of light’.
  • Pergrouhi: refers to a ‘cheerful’ child.
  • Pounig: refers to the ‘phoenix’. In this sense, a woman bearing this name will always rise from the ashes and learn a lot from life.
  • Pourasdan: alludes to a ‘flower garden’.
  • Pouregh: means ‘crystal’.
  • Prapion: refers to the ‘winter rose’.
  • Razmouhi: means ‘fighter’. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect name for a strong and powerful woman.
  • Satenik: alludes to ‘amber’.
  • Silk: refers to ‘voices coming from the forest’. So, if you’re looking for a special name, this is ideal, original, and authentic.
  • Serpuhi: refers to that which is ‘sacred’.
  • Sevan: this is a unisex option that comes from the name of a lake in the country.
  • Sevoug: refers to the color ‘black’.

Girl names: From S to T

  • Shnorhig: for that which is born ‘graceful’.
  • Shoghagat: alludes to ‘splendor’.
  • Shogher: means ‘lightning’.
  • Sharmagh: refers to ‘fine sieve’.
  • Shousnan: is the Armenian form of Susanna, which means ‘lily’.
  • Siran: alludes to a ‘beautiful’ woman.
  • Sirvart: similar to the previous option, this name is for the ‘beautiful rose’.
  • Sosi: means ‘banana’.
  • Takouhi: perfect for the little ‘queen’ of the house.
  • Talar: means ‘fresh’. That is, it refers to a quality of the wind.
  • Tangakin: a perfect name for a woman who is ‘precious’.
  • Teghtsanic: refers to the small yellow bird called ‘canary’.
  • Teghtsoun: refers to a girl who is ‘blonde’.
  • Teter: symbolizes the freedom of a ‘butterfly’.
  • Toukhtzam: refers to the woman with ‘brown hair’.
  • Tsangali: means ‘desire’.
  • Tsdrig: perfect for parents anywhere in the world, as it literally means ‘daughter’.
  • Tshoghig: refers to the ‘fine dew’ that falls in the morning.
A newborn baby girl wearing a crown.
Choose your baby’sname based on the meaning that touches your heart and reflects your best wishes.

Armenian Names for Girls: U to Z

  • Vartanoush: means ‘sweet rose’.
  • Varteni: refers to ‘rose bush’.
  • Vartiter: in line with the other options, it symbolizes a ‘butterfly-rose’.
  • Vartoughi: of course, the name meaning ‘rose’ couldn’t be left from this list.
  • Verjouhi: represents ‘revenge’.
  • Vertchalous: alludes to the beauty of ‘twilight’.
  • Voshkie: means ‘golden’.
  • Vosgedzam: alludes to the one who has ‘golden hair’.
  • Yeghnig: alludes to the ‘doe, red reindeer’.
  • Yerazig: means ‘little dream’.
  • Yerchanig: symbolizes a girl who will be ‘happy’. Undoubtedly, what all parents want for their daughter.
  • Yeva: this is the Armenian form of Eve, which is the one who ‘gives life’. One of the variants of this name is also Yevka.
  • Yranig: a ‘blessed one’.
  • Zabel: is the Armenian form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath’.
  • Zagir: symbolizes the beauty of a ‘flower’.
  • Zanazan: means ‘varied’. In this sense, the bearer of this name will be an open-minded and tolerant person.
  • Zartar: means ‘ornament’.
  • Zepour: means ‘breeze’.
  • Ziazan: alludes to the beauty of a ‘rainbow’.
  • Zmroukhd: symbolizes the preciousness of the ’emerald’.
  • Zvart: alludes to the little girl who will be, forever, ‘happy’.

Allow yourself to be captivated by these Armenian names for girls

We know that sometimes the search for the perfect name is a bit complicated. Especially if you want an option that’s linked to a country and a special way of life for the parents.

Therefore, we hope that the following list of the best names of Armenian origin for girls has helped you to choose one of these great options. And if not, we also offer you other alternatives of names for your baby, related to other countries, cities, nature, letters, colors, TV series… Don’t miss them!

All cited sources were thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure their quality, reliability, currency, and validity. The bibliography of this article was considered reliable and of academic or scientific accuracy.

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