Winter-Inspired Baby Names

Winter's coming and so is your baby. Have you already chosen a name? Let your imagination fly with these winter-inspired names!
Winter-Inspired Baby Names
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 04 November, 2022

We invite you to discover a list of winter-inspired baby names so that you have them in mind if your little one will be born during the cold months.

Linking your baby’s name to the season of their birth is a great way to give them that personal touch that you want so much.

Winter is synonymous with beautiful snowy landscapes and good times with the family. In addition, Christmas is a major event during this season. So, what better source of inspiration is there?

Winter-inspired baby names for girls

First, we’ll share our favorite winter-inspired baby names for girls in alphabetical order. Take note!

  • Alelí: In Spanish, this name means wallflower and is a winter flower that fills houses and balconies with colors. According to popular belief, each color has a meaning: The yellow ones represent fidelity, the white ones represent humility, and the violet ones are pure beauty and healing.
  • Blanca or Blanche: These names come originally from the Germanic language and mean “white”. In addition, they represent the color of the snow.
  • Camellia: This is a word that comes from Latin and that means “offering of God”. It’s the name of a species of winter flower with a large number of varieties and colors.
  • Clara: This name comes from the Latin Clarus and means “bright”. It’s a name directly associated with snow.
  • Edelweiss: These are white flowers that grow in the Alps during the winter. The word comes from the Germanic athal (noble) and weiss (white).
  • Edurne: This is the Basque variant of Nieves (“snow”).
  • Eira: This is a Scandinavian name that also means “snow”.
  • Holly: Comes from Old English. It’s the name of a tree that’s green with red berries and is used in Christmas decorations.
  • Jale: This name is of Kurdish origin and refers to the frost.
  • Nieves: This is a feminine name that comes from the Latin word niveus, which means “snow” or “white like snow”.
  • Neus: The Catalan form of Nieves.
  • Zahara: Means “white” or “bright” in Arabic, although it also has a meaning in Hebrew which is “radiance”. It’s the female version of Zohar.
A pregnant woman in the winter.

Winter-inspired baby names for boys

If you’re expecting a boy, don’t miss out on this selection of unique winter-inspired baby names. Are you ready?

  • Aspen: This is the name of a beautiful tree that blooms in winter. It comes from the old English word æspe.
  • Blaze: This is a masculine name with a lot of strength and it means “snowstorm”.
  • Cloud: This word is characteristic of winter, as the sky is usually full of clouds. Despite this, the sun always shines again, and with it, the beauty of life that’s born.

“No matter how long the storm lasts, the sun always shines behind the clouds.”

-Khalil Gibran-

  • Edur: Means ‘snow’ in Basque.
  • Everest: This name is of Germanic origin and refers to a “brave man like a wild boar”. It’s also the name of the highest mountain in the world, where the snow is eternal.
  • Nasim: This is an Arabic name that means “soft wind”.
  • Nicholas: This name comes from Greek and is made up of the words nike (victory) and laos (people). It’s associated with winter around Christmas time and the arrival of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children. Also known as Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
  • Narcissus: This name also comes from Greek and means “to numb” or “to sleep”. In addition, it’s the name of a beautiful plant that blooms in winter.
  • Noel: This is a French word that symbolizes Christmas.
  • Shadow: Winter is the season of long shadows.
  • Silvestre: Comes from the Latin silvestris which means “wild forest”. It’s also the name of a famous race that takes place every December 31, in the middle of Madrid’s winter.
  • Yas: A Native American name that means “snow”.
  • Yule: This name is of English origin and refers to “those born at Christmas”.
A pregnant woman sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree.

Baby names inspired by winter or any season of the year

If you intend to give your children original names, the seasons of the year can be a very fun option: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn are all names with a lot of style.

For those born in winter, you already have this complete list. So, start looking for that special name for your baby right now. It’ll be the first gift that will accompany them forever.

If you’re not convinced by any of these ideas, you can also choose names inspired by mythology, history, or celebrities!

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