29 Children's Names Inspired by Food

Do you know what you're going to name your baby? If you want something original, we invite you to discover these names inspired by food.
29 Children's Names Inspired by Food
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 17 March, 2023

Giving little ones names inspired by food is a trend that’s all the rage. To follow it, just think of flavors, aromas, ingredients, and other food-related things that have an appealing meaning.

Years ago, choosing a name for your children was a simpler task, as the names of grandparents, parents, or a special family member were usually used. Religious aspects also had a strong influence and names were chosen according to the saints’ day of the babies’ birth.

How to choose the perfect name for your baby

Nowadays, choosing the right name for your little one is a more entertaining process, which we surely share with friends, with the older children at home, and also… with the Internet!

“A name is a distinctive sign that individualizes and identifies its bearer. It’s the nexus that connects diverse experiences and whose choice contains cultural aspects, motives and expectations; as well as a mobilization of people for its registration. It’s an imposed identity that responds to the expectations of parents towards their children”.

-Sue and Telles (2007)-

Surely in your research, you’ll find names of all kinds and some very original ones: Foreign names, those inspired by movies, those that begin with a special letter, and also names that are inspired by food. The latter have begun to attract a lot of attention from new parents in recent times.

Do you dare to choose a delicious name for your baby? To help you get to know them better, we’ve prepared a list where you’ll find the perfect ingredients for the name of your future child.

Boy names inspired by food

  1. Barley: This cereal is of great importance for both animals and people.
  2. Caesar: Caesar is a masculine name of Latin origin. It’s also the name of an exquisite salad made with croutons, romaine lettuce, garlic, lemon juice, egg, anchovies, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and black pepper. A great combination of freshness and intense flavors. What do you think of this strong name for your child?
  3. Colby: A type of cheese named after the town where it was first developed, in Wisconsin.
  4. Chip: It sounds delicate and soft, like the British buns, or delicious like potato chips. It’s also a variant of the English name Charles.
  5. Fig: Like the fruit that inspires it, the name refers to something healthy and delicious. What better characteristics to identify your child?
  6. Herb: This word refers to the plants we often use to add flavor to our foods and teas, but it’s also short for Herbert, an old Germanic name meaning ‘army-bright’.
  7. Kobe: One of the most prestigious meats in the world, from beef originating in Japan.
  8. Mac: A name of Gaelic origin, whose original meaning is ‘son’. It’s very popular in the United States, where it refers to the famous “Big Mac” hamburgers of the McDonald’s chain.
  9. Napoleon: Originally from France and modified in Colombia, it’s one of the sweetest and richest desserts in the world.
  10. Tamir: One of the most popular and staple foods of ancient Arabia.
  11. Vin: This is the French term for wine and its reddish tones.
  12. Waldorf: For vegetarians and animal lovers, this is a delicious salad that will make you fall in love with its name.
  13. Wellington: This is one of the most exquisite and valued meat preparations in the United Kingdom.
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Girl names inspired by food

  1. Anise: This is a spice that symbolizes a special girl.
  2. Brie: With all its French essence, this type of cheese will make you fall in love with it.
  3. Charlotte: If you’re a dessert lover, this French ice cream will captivate you.
  4. Clementine: Clementine is a hybrid citrus fruit, achieved by the combination of mandarin and bitter orange. It’s also a French name derived from Clemens which means ‘soft, gentle’, although it also means ‘sweet’. It’s thus connected to the culinary theme.
  5. Dulce: What better than to name the little one of the house in the most adorable and precious way there is? With Dulce, you’ll achieve this goal.
  6. Hazel: The hazelnut is similar to walnuts, but with an unparalleled sweetness in dessert preparations,
  7. Honey: This name refers to sweetness and is also a common term for endearment. Although it’s often used as a nickname, this unusual name is sure to delight your little girl!
  8. Ginger: This traditional medicinal plant has been valued for generations for its great properties.
  9. Madeleine: This is the name given to a French shortbread cookie that’s shaped like a shell.
  10. Margarita: If it’s your favorite pizza or cocktail, you already have the perfect name for your daughter.
  11. Nori: This comes from a Japanese term for a type of edible seaweed.
  12. Olive: Its green tones will make any parent fall in love. Undoubtedly, the fruit of the olive tree bears an elegant name with biblical origins, perfect for the future queen of the house.
  13. Olivia: A feminine name originating from the Latin word ‘oliva’, which refers to the fruit of the olive tree. It also has a special meaning, as the olive branch is the symbol of peace or ‘she who protects peace’. Olivia is a name widely used in the United States and Great Britain.
  14. Quinoa: This well-known and popular whole-grain cereal has gained a lot of fame in recent times. Therefore, it’s a very original and modern option.
  15. Rosemary: This name is of English origin and is one of the most appreciated aromatic herbs in the kitchen, due to its particular flavor and aroma it brings to food. The meaning of Rosemary is ‘dew of the sea’, can you imagine your little girl with this name?
  16. Saffron: This is the name of the saffron flower, a very fragrant and unique spice. That’s probably how babies with this delicate name will be.
Mujer embarazada pensando en nombres de niña para su bebé.

More names inspired by food for boys and girls

We all love food! But names inspired by them? These constitute a very good opportunity if you want to innovate with the name of the future baby. Condiments, ingredients, flowers, fruits, herbs, and delicious oils will give your child a personal touch of distinction.

Apple, Cinnamon, Cherry, Coconut, Ginger, and Berry, are other food-related names that can complete the list and offer more options to choose from. All of these names are becoming popular rapidly and have become a trend among celebrities.

If you really like them, you shouldn’t hold back. Making the food-based name decision may cost you, but it’s worth a try if you’re giving your baby an exquisite name with a great personality.

“Early in life, some people may derive a sense of unique identity from their relatively unique names.”

-HuajianCai (2020)-

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