40 Girl Names that Begin with the Letter K

If you're not sure what you'll name your baby, look at this list of girl names that begin with the letter K. Surely you'll find what you're looking for.
40 Girl Names that Begin with the Letter K

Last update: 20 May, 2022

Have you decided to increase the size of your family? Are you expecting a girl? If you’re in search of the name, you’ve come to the right place. We know that there are many things ahead of you, so we’ve compiled a list of girl names that begin with the letter K to help you on your quest.

We’ve selected a lot of beautiful and original options, so you can decide which of them you like the most. Also, we’ll tell you what their origin and meaning are so you can make the right decision.

Girl names that begin with the letter K

Everyone has their way of finding inspiration. There are those who search in literature, music, Greek mythology, or different letters of the alphabet. The latter is ideal for fans of the tradition of keeping family initials the same.

Remember to check that the name you choose has a pronunciation that doesn’t lead to confusion or ridicule and that it sounds good together with your last name. This will save your little girl a lot of future discomfort. Are you ready to decide?

A newborn wrapped in a pink towel.
Imagine what your little girl will be like and look for that name that sounds like music to your ears.

Kacey: of Irish origin, it means ‘brave in battle’.

Kadira: a variant of Qadira, which is of Arabic origin and means ‘capable’.

Kady: of Irish origin to refer to the ‘first’. If this is your firstborn, don’t hesitate.

Kaela: a diminutive of Micaela, which is a name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘who is like God’.

Kaena: a beautiful name of Hawaiian origin that means ‘praised’.

Kaffi: variant of Koffi, of Swahili origin. It’s the way to name that little girl who was ‘born on Friday’.

Kai: a name of Hawaiian origin that means ‘sea, ocean’.

Kaia: this is the Basque variant of Caya.

Kala: in Sanskrit, this name means ‘art, virtue, grace’. In Hawaii, it’s used as a variant of Sara, which is of Hebrew origin and represents the ‘princess or lady’.

Kalinda: a name of Hindu origin that means ‘sun’.

Kamali: of African origin, this name means ‘spiritual guide’.

Kanya: a name of Hindu origin that means ‘virgin’.

Kaori: this is a name of Japanese origin, which refers to ‘aroma, fragrance’.

Karen: of Danish origin, the meaning of this name is ‘pure’.

Karina: this name is a Scandinavian variant of Carina, whose origin is Italian and means ‘dear little one’.

Karla: a beautiful name of Germanic origin. Its meaning is ‘powerful’.

Karma: a name of Hindu origin, it means ‘destiny, spiritual force’.

Karmen: a variant of Carmen, which means ‘garden’.

Karola: a Czech variant of Carolina, a feminine variant of Carlos, who is the ‘free man’.

Kassandra: a name of Greek origin, it means ‘prophetess’.

More names for your little girl that begin with the letter K

Kate: a diminutive of Katherine.

Katherine: of Greek origin, it means ‘pure’.

Katia: a Russian diminutive of Ekaterina, which is the Slavic variant of Katherine.

Kayla: this name is of Hebrew and Arabic origin and it means ‘crown’.

Kazumi: another name of Japanese origin, it alludes to ‘beautiful peace’.

Keira: a name of Irish origin, it means ‘little dark one’.

Kendra: a name of English origin, it means ‘the connoisseur’.

Khaleesi: a name from the Game of Thrones saga. It means ‘queen’ in the language of the fictional Dothraki people.

Khloe: a variant of Chloe, whose origin is Greek and means ‘grass’.

Kimi: of Japanese origin, its meaning is ‘fair’.

Kin: a name meaning ‘sun’ in the Mayan language.

Kira: this name has two origins, the first is Persian and means ‘bright sun’. The second is Russian and means ‘throne’.

Kiva: this is also  a name of Hebrew origin and it means ‘protect’.

Kora: this name is the variant of Cora, whose meaning would be ‘maiden’.

Koralia: this name is also of Greek origin and represents the ‘coral’.

Kosma: and intersting name of Greek origin. Its meaning is ‘universe’.

Krista: this is the Christian variant for ‘follower of Christ’.

Krizia: this name is the diminutive of Lucrezia, of Italian origin, menaing ‘the one who wins’.

Kylie: a name of indigenous Australian origin, it means ‘boomerang’.

Kyomi: of Japanese origin, it means ‘pure and beautiful’.

A newborn baby girl in her mother's arms.
Think of this unique moment with your daughter and the right name will magically come to mind.

Call your daughter by a name that begins with that letter that captivates you so much

What do you think of these girl names that start with the letter K? Surely you’ve found one that you love. Jot down your favorites and try combining them with your last name to see how they sound.

Check with your partner and decide calmly. Remember that the name you choose will be the way you’ll refer to your daughter throughout her life.

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