24 Names of Chinese Origin for Boys

Are you passionate about Chinese culture and roots? If so, don't miss out on this list of 24 names of Chinese origin for boys.
24 Names of Chinese Origin for Boys
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Are you looking for oriental options that have a special meaning? If you’re in love with this culture, don’t miss out on the following list of the best names of Chinese origin for boys.

Full of the best wishes from parents for their little ones, you can’t help but fall in love with these names. Take note!

Chinese names with deep cultural meanings

Chinese names can be a bit disconcerting for parents who aren’t familiar with the Chinese language and culture. Since the Latin alphabet isn’t used in Asian countries, we’ll follow the methodology suggested in a research published in 2016 by the University of Valladolid.

Thus, we’ll adapt the spelling and pronunciation of these proper names to English so that it will be easier for you to establish connections that manage to touch your heart. Are you ready to see if the right one is found here?

Names of Chinese origin from A to M

Chinese ingredients and Chinese writing.
  • Chang: without a doubt, this option is very original and is one of the most common first names in China, as explained by the specialist Tania Yeromiyan. In this sense, it means “frequent”.
  • Cong: this is defined as the little one who will always be “intelligent”, a quality highly valued in this country.
  • Dalai: comes from Mongolian and alludes with its precious pronunciation to the one who is able to “look at the whole ocean”.
  • Dewei: in China, great importance is given to social status. A tradition that has been perpetuated for centuries due to the great empires that have ruled in these territories. In this sense, Dewei refers to the child who is “noble or high class”.
  • Fo: defines the little one who will always be “nice, good”.
  • Gao: one of the most beautiful short names and with a beautiful sound. In addition, it alludes to the one who will be “tall” and, although it’s not very common, it’s an original option with a lot of personality.
  • Huang: alludes to “bright or yellow” and is the name of approximately 26 million people. Undoubtedly, it’s a highly valued choice, given its sound and its precious meaning, full of light and color.
  • Jian: alludes directly to the “well-being” of the future king of the house.
  • Kang: for Chinese culture, having vitality and energy is paramount, and these abilities must be cultivated every day. If you believe the same, Jian means “healthy2, and it couldn’t be a more perfect option for your child.
  • Kun: there are few options that are more captivating than this one, which alludes to the greatness of the whole “universe”. With this in mind, this option may touch your heart, as all mothers who hold their baby in their arms for the first time feel the presence of all the galaxies, stars, and worlds in that instant.

Names from N to Z

  • Mao: this name is quite traditional in the Asian country of China and couldn’t be more original in its meaning, as it symbolizes “cats”.
  • Ming: it’s common to see this name combined with other types of names, as it alludes to an “explanation”. Undoubtedly, its sound is reminiscent of the sensitive and fleeting touch of a bell. What could be sweeter?
  • Qiang: alludes to the little one who will always be “strong”. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it’s also a good name for the future king of the house.
  • Shen: alludes to ‘spiritual’. Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for parents of faith.
  • Syaoran: refers to the “little wolf”.
  • Tao: as you may have already seen with Zhao, Asian options surprise with the most relevant philosophical allusions. In this case, it alludes to the “way of life”.
  • Temüjin: it probably doesn’t ring a bell, but it refers to the great warrior Temüjin Genghis Khan. Therefore, it literally means “the best steel”.
  • Tian: alludes to “heaven”. In this sense, it’s a unisex name used for both boys and girls.
  • Wang: refers to the fact that this name, literally, is “worthy of a king”.
  • Wong: it may sound more like a last name, but it can also be used as a name and alludes to the color ‘yellow’.
  • Yen: alludes directly to the young man who will always be “peaceful”.
  • Yong: along similar lines to the previous option, but referring to one who has “courage”.
  • Yuan: as it’s the currency of China, it’s not surprising that it means “round”.
  • Zhao: with a very original philosophical meaning, “above and beyond all”.
A landscape in China.

Delve into Asian culture with boy names of Chinese origin

We hope that some of these boy names of Chinese origin have captivated you and that you’ll allow yourself to be carried away by the culture of Asia’s largest country. As you may have already noticed, their meanings hold great treasures, which should be considered when choosing what to name your baby.

How about you? Which of these options has filled your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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