31 Names of Czech Origin for Boys

Are you looking for name options pertaining to the Czech Republic? Don't miss this list with the best 31 names of Czech origin for boys.
31 Names of Czech Origin for Boys
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Are you in love with the white, blue, and red country bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east, and Poland to the north? If so, you’ll want to know what this part of the world has in store for you. Don’t miss the best names of Czech origin for boys.

We know that you’re in search of the ultimate choice and that sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right name for the future king. That’s why, from You Are Mom, we invite you to let your heart lead you the way.

List of the best names of Czech origin for boys

As indicated by data from the Czech Statistics Agency, which are collected by the country guide prepared by the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Prague, the birth rate in the Czech Republic is on the rise.

If you want to find out what options parents in this land are considering when deciding what to name their little one, take note.

A baby boy wearing a red knit cap, black and white stckings, and holding a stuffed mouse.
Imagine your child smiling when he recognizes that you are talking to him at the mention of his name.

Names of Czech origin for boys: From A to L

  1. Arnost: the perfect choice to name a little one who’s ‘determined’, even to the point of becoming a bit ‘stubborn’.
  2. Bedrich: alludes to one who is the ‘ruler of peace’.
  3. Benes: this name means ‘blessed’. For this reason, it refers to the child who will forever have a big heart.
  4. Bilko: alludes in its symbolism to the purity of the color ‘white’.
  5. Bohdan: refers to the ‘gift of God’.
  6. Dalibor: is one of the variants of the name Dalek, which alludes to the one who ‘fights far away’.
  7. Damek: means ‘red earth’.
  8. Dusan: this is a name with great faith, as Dusan means ‘spirit’ in Czech.
  9. Eda: this name symbolizes the ‘guardian of wealth’.
  10. Evzen: the perfect name to define the one who is ‘well born’.
  11. Ferda: refers to one who will forever be ‘brave’.
  12. Jaromil: this alternative is actually a name composed of several elements of Slavic origin. The result is ‘the spring of favor’.
  13. Kafka: alludes to the freedom of the ‘bird’.
  14. Kral: symbolizes the ‘king’ of the house.
  15. Laco: means ‘recognized chief’.
  16. Lojza: alludes to the one who will be a ‘famous warrior’.

Names for boys of Czech origin: from M to Z

  1. Marek: This name refers to the Roman god of war. It’s the Czech equivalent of Mark.
  2. Milko: for the one who will be forever ‘wanted or loved’ by everyone.
  3. Nepomuceno: this is the Latin variant of Nepomuk, who was a very venerated priest in the 14th century. For this reason, it alludes to the one who comes ‘from Nepomuk’.
  4. Novak: alludes to the ‘newcomer’.
  5. Otik: symbolizes the one who will be forever ‘rich, fortunate’.
  6. Otokar: this name refers directly to the man assigned as ‘guardian of riches’. Therefore, Czech parents who choose this name desire full abundance and happiness for their little ones.
  7. Reznik: means ‘butcher’.
  8. Risa: this is the Czech variant of the name Richard, meaning ‘powerful’.
  9. Siman: refers to ‘ear’. Therefore, it’s a good choice for one who’s always attentive and knows how to listen to others.
  10. Stanislav: means ‘field of glory’. It’s an option that denotes great strength and courage.
  11. Vasek: alludes to the one who will be forever ‘victorious’ in everything he sets his mind to.
  12. Venceslas: this is a compound name meaning ‘more glory’.
  13. Wenceslas: along the same lines as the previous option, this name also comes from the term veçeslav itself. That is, it also alludes to the one who is ‘the most glorious’.
  14. Zdenek: this is the Czech variant of Sinody. In this sense, it alludes to the ‘man of Zion’.
  15. Zeleny: this name symbolizes the beauty and love of nature symbolized by the color ‘green’.
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The cityscapes of Prague can delight you with their original names.

Choose one of these names of Czech origin for boys and you won’t regret it

Are you expecting a baby boy? Do you think about what his little face will look like when you see him for the first time and are filled with deepest happiness when you do? If so, we invite you to let your heart guide you and choose one of these options because, without a doubt, they’re original and offer beautiful meanings.

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