11 Popular Names for Boys in the Dominican Republic

Popular names for boys in the Dominican Republic are exotic and perfect choices for the future king of the house.
11 Popular Names for Boys in the Dominican Republic

Last update: 13 June, 2022

If you love this Caribbean country and feel a deep bond with this land, don’t miss this selection of the most popular names for boys in the Dominican Republic: 21 options you can’t miss.

We’ll also present all their meanings and the reasons why Dominican parents choose these alternatives for their little ones. Don’t miss it!

The most popular names in the Dominican Republic are a wonderful option for your child.

In order to create our list, we collated the results obtained from the research conducted by Orlando Alba, from Brigham Young University, in 2013.

Don’t miss the following options!

A beach in the Dominican Republic.
Did you know that paradise exists? Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this land and opt for an original name for your baby.

Names for children

  1. Dominic: is one of the variants of Dominick, which alludes to a ‘noble’ person.
  2. Francisco: in Germanic means ‘freedom’.
  3. José: is of Hebrew origin and, as occurs in many other countries, is one of the most demanded options by Dominican parents.
  4. Juan: along the same lines as the previous option, it is also of Hebrew origin and has universal popularity.
  5. Rafael: this option also comes from Hebrew and will endow your little one with an unequaled artistic side.
  6. Carlos Manuel: this is one of the compound options that shine by themselves. Carlos is Germanic, while Manuel is Hebrew. Together, they form a beautiful name with great charisma.
  7. Juan Carlos: two names (one Germanic and one Hebrew) come together again to highlight the familiarity of this compound name.
  8. José Antonio: Antonio is thought to come from Etruscan and combined with José, you get a very strong alternative.
  9. José Luis: from Hebrew and Germanic roots comes this name with a lot of character and strength.
  10. Julius Caesar: comes from Latin and its importance lies in the great emperors who marked a before and after in the evolution of the Empire. Thus, it’s an option for a child with great personality, strength, and loyalty.
  11. Miguel Ángel: also with artistic touches in his legacy, both options are Hebrew and result in one of the most chosen names worldwide.
A pregnant woman standing on a tropical beach.
Listen to all that the Caribbean sea and sand have to tell you and get inspired in the name of your future baby.

According to the book History of the Dominican Republic, published in 2010 by Frank Moya Pons, the population growth curve of this country has risen sharply in recent years.

That’s why, when it comes to choosing the perfect name for the future king of the house, there’s nothing better than looking at the different options that are currently popular in the Dominican Republic.

Original, fresh, fun, traditional? Which one has touched your heart and transported you to the Caribbean, its beaches, and its beautiful people? Let us know in the comments.

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