5 Series That All Mothers Should Watch

In today's article, we'll recommend 5 series that every mother should watch. They're entertaining and reflect motherhood well.
5 Series That All Mothers Should Watch

Last update: 07 May, 2021

Are you thinking of starting a new series, but you’re not sure which one? In this article, we’ll recommend 5 series all mothers should watch. These shows demonstrate what motherhood is like in an entertaining way. 

A year ago, this topic wasn’t very common for TV shows. However, these days, more and more series are being created exclusively by women that focus on mothers’ lives. Do you want to know some of these series? Keep reading and write down the following titles!

5 series all mothers should watch

1. Madres (Mothers)

5 Series All Mothers Should Watch

This is a Spanish series that’s set in a hospital. It stars six women: three mothers, a grandmother, a pregnant woman at risk and a pediatrician. Throughout the series, they all have to confront various problems and conflicts that arise in their lives, many of which are related to motherhood. 

This series shows how mothers, especially, are willing to give up everything for the well-being of their children.

2. The Letdown, one of the series all mothers should watch

This Australian comedy stars Audrey, a new mother who must face the typical problems of motherhood.

So, this series makes you reflect, in a fun way, on the lessons that new moms have to learn. 

3. Fuller House

Do you remember the show Full House? Now there’s  Fuller House. 

In the many episodes in this series, you’ll enjoy watching the adventures of three women who have to raise and educate three children. 

4. Jane the Virgin, one of the series all mothers should watch

5 Series All Mothers Should Watch

This series addresses young motherhood and helps young mothers feel more visible.

5. Workin’ Moms


If you’re a working mother, you’ll definitely identify with many of the situations that the protagonists deal with in this Canadian show. 

Throughout the series, we follow the lives of four women who have to return to their respective jobs after maternity leave. This show demonstrates how difficult it is to go back to work and balance work with family life.


Now that you know the titles of these fantastic fiction series, what are you waiting for? Watch them! We know that one of the greatest challenges of motherhood is finding leisure time to be alone or with your partner. However, for the sake of your mental health, you need to find time for yourself so you can disconnect from your role as a mom.


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