The 4 Best Sports for Children with ADHD

The practice of sports in children offers a number of benefits, both physical and psychological. Today, we'll tell you about the best sports for children with ADHD.
The 4 Best Sports for Children with ADHD
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

Written and verified by degree in physical education and sports Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

As a mother, you should be aware of which sports for children with ADHD are the most advisable. You’re your child’s main support and, therefore, you should also be the first person to look for alternatives in order to make your child feel comfortable and healthy.

Of course, it’s not an easy task, and the psychological shock of learning that your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is complex. However, it’s not the time to turn your back on your child – quite the contrary.

Practicing sports stands out as one of the main tools to help you as a mother and, of course, to help your child. With that in mind, the goal’s to find out which sport is most appropriate for your little one.

Sports for children with ADHD

In general terms, sports usually provide a number of benefits to children, which is why their practice is so highly recommended. They contribute to the physical and psychological development of the body, as well as to the improvement of social skills.

A child playing tennis with an adult.

However, sports don’t provide the same benefits in people with ADHD. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t practice sports at all but rather that they need to find the appropriate sports.

Sports that are practiced as a team become much more complex for children with this disorder. This is due to the indications made from different people and areas of the field, which often become a confusing and counterproductive activity.

The best sports for children with ADHD are those that have simple, clear, one-at-a-time directions. Therefore, individual disciplines become much more beneficial. Based on the above, we’ll show you which sports you could direct your child toward if they have this disorder.


Swimming is probably at the top of many lists when it comes to benefits. That’s why it’s mentioned so regularly and is one of the top sports a child with ADHD should be involved in.

Although it may seem tedious at first, especially because of the length of the lessons and the lack of coordination between body segments, your child will enjoy it to the fullest.

In swimming, not only will they be able to burn a lot of energy, but they’ll also have the chance to have fun while learning. In addition, it’s a sport in which the child will be able to maintain direct contact with the coach. This way, the orders will be easier to obey.

Remember that, as a mother, you’re not in pursuit of a professional swimmer. Rather, you’re looking for a way to channel all that ADHD entails in your child.


One of the advantages of cycling is that it can be practiced in open spaces or areas where nature prevails. Normally, this sport provides a sense of freedom, both to children with ADHD and to people in general.

If your child suffers from this disorder, you can implement bike rides in the afternoon or evening hours. This will help them to release the stress accumulated from school or other activities that inhibits them.

There’s also the possibility of enrolling them in group classes, but with few participants. Or, in the best case, personalized classes.


Track has a number of disciplines in which team and individual work converge. We could say that it’s an exception and count it among the options when it comes to sports for children with ADHD.

Through track, your child can release large amounts of energy and strengthen physical abilities such as speed, endurance. and coordination.

However, the work of the coach in motivating them must be very high and constant. At this point, you also need to be involved and help your child not to lose focus.

Children running on a track.


The movements in tennis require a high energy expenditure, just what your child needs to reduce any excess stress. For this, you can go to an academy that offers personalized or semi-customized lessons.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hard for your child to handle the racquet at the beginning; it’s the same for most people. What’s really important is that they enjoy the process and play friendly games with their coach or friends.

Sports for kids with ADHD for enjoyment and entertainment

Despite being a sport, the objective of practicing it isn’t to form an athlete. Children with ADHD require high contents of entertainment and enjoyment; this is the real reason for them to practice a sport.

With that in mind, it’s essential that your child chooses the sport that most attracts their attention. However, they may very well choose another sport that’s not on our list, which is fine, as long as they enjoy it.

Finally, regarding the practice of sports, we’re not saying that your child can’t become an athlete because they have ADHD. Just remember that it’s not the main goal for a child with this disorder.

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