30 Cambodian Names for Babies

Cambodian names for babies will surprise you with their simplicity and originality. Keep reading to discover each one.
30 Cambodian Names for Babies
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Get inspired by one of the oldest languages in the world, which comes from Sanskrit, so you can choose the name of your future baby. To help you on this mission, we’ve made a list for you with 30 options of Cambodian names for children that you simply can’t miss!

Cambodian names, an exotic alternative for babies

As Albeiro Rodas explains, Cambodian names allude to everyday meanings recognized by this community. For this reason, some refer directly to the qualities desirable by parents for their children, to warriors of recognized prestige, or to the wonders of nature of this beautiful country.

In any case, despite their simplicity, the truth is that they’re also some of the most original options you’ll come across. If you’re looking for an unusual name for your baby, take a look at the suggestions below!

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Cambodian names: From A to M

  • Acharya: a name that expresses what all parents think of their little ones, that they’re “wonderful”.
  • Amara: refers to one of the nava-ratna s (nine jewels) that adorned the king’s court in 376 AD. As described by The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Amara is known to have been a Sanskrit grammarian and Indian poet, but her history is unknown to this day. Its meaning is “immortal lion” or “lion god”.
  • Arun: Refers to the “morning sun”.
  • Atith: in line with the above, it evokes a “sunny day”. In addition, it’s a very successful option if your little one is born on Sunday, as it’s the day that’s related to brightness.
  • Chakra: respecting Hindu beliefs (the most popular religion in Cambodia), this alternative refers to the main “energy center” of your life. In other words, your baby.
  • Chann: a name that evokes the planet’s satellite, “the moon”
  • Chea: when we say that Cambodian names refer to simple and everyday meanings, this name is a prime example. This name Chea literally means “name”.
  • Dara: for both girls and boys, it’s a perfect unisex name that means “star”.
  • Devi: means “angel”.
  • Heng: for the one who will be “lucky”.
  • Khean: this name evokes a “type of flute, panpipe” typical of the community.
  • Kiri: just as for girls, there’s a name that refers to the skirt of the mountain, Kiri means “mountain peak”. Therefore, the parts of the mountain make it possible to differentiate gender through metaphors.
  • Kravann: refers to a “small golden-brown flower”, which is typical of the flora of the area.
  • Makara: for the child who was born in “January”.
  • Mao: this is what Cambodians call those who were born with “dark skin”.

Cambodian names: from N to Z

  • Nhean: for one who “is guided by instinct”.
  • Nimol: this name represents what all parents think of their children. In this sense, when all babies are born, they’re all “perfect” in their parents’ eyes.
  • Nisay: for the one who is “loved from afar”.
  • Noreaksey: you can use the diminutive Norea to make it shorter. At the same time, it refers to the little one who has “great power”.
  • Phala: means “prosperous”.
  • Phirun: a most natural name, as it refers to “drizzle”.
  • Pisey: for the one who is “loved” from the first minute.
  • Prak: means “silver”.
  • Rainsey: a name with one of the most beautiful and special meanings, referring to the “rays of the sun”.
  • Rith: for the one who has “strength, courage”.
  • Salto: a child with this name is expected to achieve “good fortune, success”.
  • Sangha: for the one who is “handsome”.
  • Sann: one of the qualities that parents expect of their little one, to be “calm”.
  • Sorya: this name also refers to the “sun”.
  • Vireakboth: for the one who is “brave or a noble son”.

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Get inspired by these original names with simple meanings

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a name that suits your taste. Maybe you still can’t decide between a simpler name, a unique one, or a classic one. However, what’s clear is that you will feel a special call directly in your heart when you hear the right one for the first time.

If it happened to you when reading any of these names of Cambodian origin for boys out loud, that’s good news: It means that you’ve already found it. And if that’s not the case, enjoy this process and don’t push yourself. The search still continues and will come to an end when you least expect it. Don’t worry!

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